Why is my mouse not working?(mouse isn’t working on laptop)

Why is my mouse not working

What to do if the mouse cursor stop move on windows 10

Just find the reason why the mouse stopped working, then it will be simple to fix it. The reasons why the wired or wireless mouse does not move include system freezes, poor connection of the mouse cable, broken mouse, hard drive problems, insufficient voltage, and insufficient power supply. The user needs to try another interface and make setting changes to the COM interface, then restart. If there is a problem with the hard disk drive, the original microsoft mouse driver should be uninstalled, then the system will be automatically upgraded, and then restarted after shutdown.

  1. Find the corresponding mouse under [Computer Management] – [Device Manager] to see if it is disabled. If disabled, open will be disabled.
  2. If you are using a wireless mouse with a battery installed, then the mouse may not move if the mouse battery is dead. Try a new battery to see if it can move.
  3. If you are not a wireless mouse, but the wired mouse does not move, then re-plug the mouse to the socket of the computer. If it is a desktop computer, it is recommended to try the USB interface on the motherboard behind the chassis, which may be caused by insufficient power supply of the USB interface.
  4. If re-plugging or changing the socket still does not work, then it is best to try another good mouse.
  5. You can also press the relevant keys on the keyboard without moving the mouse. For example, the key with the small window icon in the bottom row of the keyboard can call up the start menu to see if the desktop computer is crashed. If the computer is not crashed, it is basically determined. There is a problem with the mouse. If the computer does not move, you can restart the mouse and try again.

What to do if the mouse is stuck or not sensitive

If the mouse is an optical wireless mouse, you can check whether the battery is about to run out. If the battery is full, you can check whether the computer is poisoned. Or you should switch to a mouse.

Both wireless and wired mice can be set up by following the steps below.

  1. Click the Start menu and select Control Panel;
  2. Select the printer and other hardware;
  3. Select the mouse;
  4. Select the Pointer option. Tick Improve pointer precision. Adjust fast or slow, when you adjust it to suit your feeling, click [Apply] – [OK].​​
  5. What should I do if the mouse light does not move?

The USB interface mouse needs to be restarted, and the PC interface mouse does not need to be restarted, just plug and play

  1. Unplug the mouse from the interface and try again
  2. Restart the computer
  3. There may be some conflicts with the system, or delete it, if you can’t find it, you have to reinstall the system.
  4. If the keyboard can be used, use the key combination ctrl+alt+del to try it
  5. It is recommended to replace a new mouse

2.How to right click without a mouse

How do you right click without a mouse on a windows laptop:

  1. Press the lower right corner of the touchpad;
  2. On the right side of the space bar, a button with a square icon(keyboard shortcut), click once, you can click the right mouse button.

How to right click without a mouse on a desktop computer:

on the right side of the space bar, a button with a square icon, click once, you can right-click the mouse. Use the keyboard. Place the mouse arrow on the place where you need to click the right button, click the button with several lines of horizontal line icons in a square on the keyboard, as shown in the figure, the right-click menu will appear.

How to right click without a mouse on a Apple computer:

As a very high-quality professional computer equipment, Apple computer is widely used and has more professional advantages. In particular, Apple’s computer adopts a unique macOS system, which provides a higher standard of security for effectively preventing computer virus attacks. Many users need to operate on the trackpad when they use Apple computers without a mouse. How to realize the right-click function at this time is not familiar to some people. Bar.

Turn on the Apple computer, and then click the Apple icon button in the upper left corner of the computer desktop. At this time, a drop-down box will appear below it, and continue to select the “System Preferences” option.

In this way, the System Preferences page will appear on the interface, find the “Trackpad” option in it, and continue to click on it.

Click the “Cursor and Click” option at the top of the trackpad window, you can continue to find the “Assistant Click” option on the interface and check it. At this time, click the drop-down button below it, and click the drop-down box according to your needs. Choose how to tap.

After selecting the “Click the lower left corner” option, click on the lower left corner of the touchpad to realize the right-click function, which makes it easy to operate the computer as you like.

3.How to connect mouse to mac?

The steps to connect the mac to the bluetooth wireless mouse are as follows:

  1. Open System Preferences and click the fourth mouse icon in the second row.
  2. Click the mouse to enter the mouse search interface, and the system will automatically enter the search.
  3. Turn on the switch on the wireless mouse, and the green light on the mouse is flashing, indicating that it is normal, as shown in the figure below: (Please keep the battery of the mouse fully charged, if the battery is insufficient, please replace the battery if it is installed, if it is charging, please use the plug to fully charge Electricity).
  4. Wait for a while until the computer searches for the connection of the mouse.
  5. After the connection is completed, it will enter the mouse setting interface. At this time, you can set the mouse click and slide gesture operations according to your own preferences. There is a button to set the Bluetooth mouse in the lower right corner. Click to enter the setting interface.
  6. Click to set the Bluetooth mouse to enter the following interface, the setting interface displays the currently connected device, so the Apple mouse is connected.

How to pair wireless Bluetooth keyboard to Apple Computer?

  1. Open the “System Preferences” application of the MAC to find it by clicking the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Find and click “Bluetooth” in the options listed.

If you do not see the Bluetooth icon immediately, you can find it with the search bar of the Mac in the upper right corner.

  1. If the keyboard is open and in pairing mode, you should see that the keyboard name appears in the “Device” list. Click “Connection” next to it.


If you are asked to enter your password, try to enter “0000”. If this doesn’t work, check the manual of the keyboard to see if a specific password is required.

If the wireless keyboard is not listed, make sure it is in pairing mode and Bluetooth of Mac is turned on.

  1. Mac may require you to calibrate or “identify” keyboard by pressing a set of keys. Follow the instructions on the screen, then press the instructions.

Although more installation instructions may appear, you should be able to use your keyboard immediately on your Mac.

Your Mac takes a while to connect, and then everything is ready. You will see “Connected” under the keyboard name, indicating that the keyboard is paired with MAC and can be used.

If you are unable to connect, try restarting the keyboard and Mac.

You can right-click the keyboard in the Bluetooth menu and select Disconnect.


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