Why is my mouse not working?

Why is my mouse not working 2

1.Why is my mouse not working

If your mouse isn’t responding( mouse cursor won’t move) on PC laptop, how can you fix it?

  • Failure analysis of wired mouse

Mouse failure is a common phenomenon, and I believe many friends have encountered it. It doesn’t work when you’re in a hurry, and it’s always frustrating. So why does the mouse fail? After the mouse fails, how to troubleshoot the cause? Next, let’s talk about

There are many reasons for mouse failure, such as broken mouse, poor mouse contact, system freeze, driver conflict, etc. The first two belong to hardware failures, and the latter two belong to software failures. If it is a software failure, we can restore it by setting some options in the computer system; if it is a hardware failure, it can only be replaced or repaired.

(1) Hardware failure

① Whether the USB interface is faulty. We can find a good mouse and test whether it is a problem with the USB interface.

② Whether the mouse is damaged. Check to see if the mouse optical engine glows. If the engine does not emit light (except for the non-visible light engine), you can plug the mouse into another computer and see if it can be recognized.

③ Whether the mouse is in poor contact. Repeatedly plug and unplug the mouse to see if the computer can recognize it. Or replace the USB interface.

If it’s not a hardware failure, it’s probably a software failure. Among the software failures, the number of “drive abnormalities” accounted for the largest proportion.

(2) Software failure

① Whether the drive is abnormal. We can open “My Computer→Right Click→Manage→Device Manager→Mouse and Other Pointing Devices” in turn, and see if there is an exclamation mark in the subdirectory of “Mouse and Other Pointing Devices”. An exclamation mark means that there is a problem with the driver. You can update or uninstall the newly installed mouse driver. In the case that the mouse is not recognized, we can also open the “Device Manager” by entering devmgmt.msc through the Win+R key.

Right-click on the directory with the exclamation mark → Uninstall Device. Then unplug the mouse and plug it in again, the computer will recognize the mouse again and install the corresponding driver automatically.

Note:Some devices won’t work without installing the driver. Can be tested on another computer with the correct drivers installed.

  • Failure analysis of wireless mouse

With the emergence of wireless multi-mode mice in recent years, the problem of wireless mouse failure has also become a thorny problem that everyone faces. Compared with wired transmission, wireless mouse is divided into 2.4GHz wireless transmission mouse and Bluetooth wireless transmission mouse.If your wireless mouse randomly stops working, how to get the mouse to work on laptop? there are two situations:

(1) 2.4GHz mouse

The 2.4GHz wireless mouse is not the same as the wired mouse. The main reason is that the wireless mouse needs additional power supply. If it fails, you can first check the switch and battery of the mouse to ensure that it is powered and turned on. For the subsequent fault judgment, please refer to the wired mouse on the previous page.

(2) Bluetooth wireless mouse

①Switch and power supply. Check the switch and battery of the Bluetooth mouse to make sure it has power and is on.

②Check whether the computer has and turns on the Bluetooth function. Check whether there is a bluetooth enabled symbol on the taskbar at the bottom right of the computer desktop. If the Bluetooth function is disabled, you can change it to manual through Control Panel→Administrative Tools→Services→Bluetooth support service service agreement and start the service.

③ Reinstall the driver.

The above methods are applicable to Windows 7, 8, 10 and other systems.

2.How to connect keyboard and mouse to xbox

Want to connect a mouse and keyboard to your Xbox one to play games, use apps, and navigate the dashboard? Not all games are supported, and not all Bluetooth keyboards will work. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Hook up a mouse or keyboard to the Xbox

This applies to the Xbox One series (including the One X and One S) and newer Xbox Series X and S consoles.

The easiest way to connect a mouse or keyboard to the console is to use a wired USB connection. You can plug a mouse or keyboard into the USB port on the front or back of the console.This is a method that doesn’t require a adapter.

Wireless mice and keyboards should also work, as long as they use their own wireless USB dongle. No Xbox console can connect directly to a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse that doesn’t come with a dongle. This also works if you want to connect wireless headsets to your Xbox.

Once the mouse is connected, you can configure things like pointer speed and swap buttons by pressing the Xbox Guide button and navigating to Profile & System > Settings > Devices & Connections.

Some peripheral sets use a combination dongle for the mouse and keyboard. Some users have reported issues getting these 2-in-1 dongles to work on their Xbox, so your mileage may vary. If you encounter these problems, you should consider using a wired USB connection.

  • Which games support mouse and keyboard?

Microsoft does not maintain a database of games that support mouse and keyboard control. There’s also no way to tell if the game will work with these inputs on the store page, so the only way to be sure is to try it yourself (or search the web beforehand).

Many games support mouse and keyboard, including first-person shooters like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (and Warzone), Gears 5, Metro Exodus, and Warframe. Many other games are also supported, including Sea of ​​Thieves, Fortnite, The Sims 4, Minecraft, and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

While there is no official source, Pure Xbox keeps a list of Xbox games that support keyboard and mouse.

  • You can also use the keyboard to navigate and type

Keyboards are most useful for text input, which is one of the main reasons to connect a keyboard to your Xbox. You can use the physical keyboard to enter text anywhere you are prompted to use the on-screen keyboard for keyboard input.

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You can also use the arrow keys to navigate the dashboard just like an Xbox controller (unfortunately, there is no mouse pointer support to bypass the UI).

You can also use some handy keyboard shortcuts to do things even faster. These are very similar to Windows shortcuts, so if you’re already familiar with Microsoft’s desktop, they shouldn’t surprise you.

Tab / Shift+Tab: move to the next element/previous element
Windows : Open the Xbox Guide
Esc / Windows+Backspace : Back
Spacebar/Enter: Select
Y : search
Windows+M : Open menu
Windows+V : change view
Windows+X: Power menu or expand notification
Windows+I : Open Xbox Settings
Do more with your Xbox

In addition to playing games, Xbox can also enter developer mode to run unsigned UWP applications, including homebrew.

This allows you to do things like install RetroArch emulators on your Xbox console and play games that are completely designed for different platforms. Best of all, this doesn’t void any warranty or pose any risk to your console.

3.Why does my mouse disappear mac?

In the process of using the Mac computer, I found that the mouse cursor keeps disappearing on my Mac. This is completely random and can happen at any time. After a few times, I found that when using large software like Photoshop and connecting multiple monitors, the mouse cursor may have the greatest chance of disappearing. Or with too many open tabs in Safari or Chrome, the mouse pointer may also not show up. The following is a solution to the problem that the mouse pointer of Apple computer does not display. If you have also encountered this problem, you may wish to take a look at this article.It’s really easy to find the mouse cursor that’s disappeared.

  • Quickly shake the mouse or quickly move your finger on the trackpad

This is the easiest way to get your mouse pointer back? All you have to do is shake the mouse or quickly move your finger on the trackpad. The missing mouse cursor will appear on the screen and may increase in size so that you can easily see it.

  • Right click on Macbook

If you cant see your mouse on your mac,One of the easiest ways to locate a disappearing mouse icon is to right-click. When right-clicking, the mouse cursor is immediately visible.

  • Bring the Force Quit Menu

If you lost your mouse cursor on mac, Press Command(⌘)+Option(⌥)+esc on your keyboard. The “Force Quit Application” popup appears, of course any application must be quit. Just do this to show the hidden mouse cursor.

  • Check for firmware updates for third-party mice and trackpads

If you’re using a non-Apple peripheral, visit their website or ask the company if there are any pending driver updates to improve compatibility and fix glitches.

  • Check the battery of the connected mouse and external trackpad

Replace the removable battery, or charge the mouse and trackpad if they have internal rechargeable batteries.

  • Restart your Macbook Pro to restore the mouse cursor

If none of the solutions work for you, try restarting your macOS device. Rebooting usually resolves these temporary issues. Click on the Apple logo () at the top left and select Restart.

  • Resize the mouse cursor

macOS lets you set the size of the mouse pointer to your liking. To increase the cursor size, open System Preferences – Accessibility.

Click Display – Cursor – in the left column of Accessibility Settings – drag the cursor size slider to adjust the cursor size.

4.How to turn off mouse acceleration windows 10?

What is mouse acceleration?

Mouse acceleration is one of the new additions to the Windows 10 feature. The purpose of this feature is to improve mouse efficiency and is enabled by default in Windows 10 systems. When enabled, the mouse acceleration feature will increase the efficiency of the mouse. The faster you move or scroll the mouse, the more it moves across the screen. With mouse acceleration enabled, the cursor can move from one side of the screen to the other if you want to move the physical mouse three inches quickly. However, if you were to move the mouse to the exact same distance, just a lot slower, the cursor might only move halfway across the screen. So if you have a larger desktop screen, mouse acceleration can be useful.

While this feature is useful for larger screens, it can be inconvenient when playing games or for graphic designers who need precise movements. If your cursor keeps passing your target on your Windows 10 desktop, the culprit may be a feature called mouse acceleration. Disabling it may improve your pointer precision, allowing you to land on points exactly every time. so sometimes it’s best to disable mouse acceleration in Windows 10 PCs. If you’re struggling with not knowing how to get rid of mouse acceleration, see below. So, let’s see how to turn off mouse acceleration.

How to Disable Mouse Acceleration

  • method 1

To turn off mouse acceleration, type “mouse settings” into the Windows search bar and click “Mouse Settings” from the search results.

The Mouse Settings window will appear. Find the Related Settings group on the right side of the window (or at the bottom if the window is smaller). Click “Additional Mouse Options”

The Mouse Properties window will appear. Click the Pointer Options tab.

In the Motion group, uncheck Enhance Pointer Precision and click Apply.

Mouse acceleration is now disabled.

method 12

Step 1: Press the Win + R keys together on your keyboard to open the Run Command window.

Step 2: In the Run command search box, type main.cpl and hit enter :

Step 3: In the Mouse Properties window that opens, go to Pointer Options and uncheck the box next to Improve pointer accuracy.

Press Apply then OK to save changes and exit.

When done, mouse acceleration will be turned off.

This will help you land on the target more accurately. But if you are a gamer and you still have questions, it might be time to read up on mouse DPI and invest in a mouse designed for gaming.

5.How to clean a mouse?

Today, we spend more and more time with computers in our work and life, but we often ignore that keyboards and mice are also easy places to hide bacteria. How to properly clean up the keyboard and mouse? The following will list some of the more effective methods of cleaning the mouse and keyboard.

clean your mouse

  • with alcohol

You can pour alcohol on the cotton cloth, then gently wipe the surface of the mouse, wait until the alcohol evaporates and dry, and it can also be disinfected! It is recommended to clean it with alcohol every other week.

  • with warm water

If there is no alcohol, just use a cotton cloth dipped in warm water to wipe the surface of the mouse.

Notice! The mouse pad also needs to be cleaned together

To clean the cloth mouse pad, you can soak the mouse pad in a basin of clean water for a while, then apply a small amount to wash it, gently brush it with an old toothbrush and dry it.

To clean plastic or synthetic mouse pads, you can rinse them directly with water, and then place them in a cool place to dry.

clean your keyboard

  • tap lightly

Turn off the computer, turn the keyboard down, tap and shake it gently, and the dust, cookie crumbs, etc. hidden in the keyboard will fall off.

  • with tape

Tape can stick away dirt on the surface of the keyboard, but it is also difficult to clean up to the inside of the keys.

  • with cotton swab

Dip a cotton swab with a little alcohol and wipe the gaps in the keyboard, which can not only clean the keyboard, but also disinfect.

  • with poker

Find an old playing card, wrap the edge with double-sided tape, and swipe it between the gaps of the keyboard like a card, and the dirt inside will be glued out.

  • with sticky notes

Use the sticky side of the sticky note to clean the keyboard to remove the dust in the gap.

  • With a soft brush

Use a soft brush to clean the keyboard, in addition to being able to enter every gap of the keyboard perfectly, it can also generate static electricity to suck out dust.

with a hair dryer.

Turn off the computer, use a hair dryer to aim at the gaps on the keys of the keyboard, blow away the debris attached to them, then flip the keyboard down again and shake it.

  • with cleaning mud

There is something called keyboard cleaning mud, which can stick dirty things on the keyboard. You can try it.


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