Why does my mouse move on its own?

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1.Why does my mouse move on its own?

If your computer mouse cursor keeps moving or drifting on its own, the mouse pointer automatically move, jump randomly. If these conditions occur, you should fix the problem immediately, as there are many reasons for the mouse to move on its own, some of which can have serious consequences.

10 possible reasons

  1. The mouse enters the water or there are sundries at the bottom of the lens;
  2. The mouse pad is uneven or has debris;
  3. Do not use a mouse pad, and use on a smooth screen or glass surface will also cause the mouse to move;
  4. Poor mouse quality, resulting in “dropped frames”. Dropped Frames: Also known as “skipped frames”. This is the case if the mouse movement is very, very “responsive” and when you move it lightly, the mouse moves around the screen and can’t control where you want it
  5. Controlled by remote program
  6. There are other mouse controls
  7. Mouse driver failure
  8. The computer is attacked by a Trojan or virus
  9. Interference by signals from other electronic devices
  10. Something is on the touchpad


  1. Clean up water or debris in the mouse. If there is debris, wipe it with a cotton swab or paper towel, and dry it with a hair dryer if it gets wet.
  2. Smooth the mouse pad. When the mouse moves, check that the mouse pad is laid out. If not, it will cause the mouse to move.
  3. Replace the mouse with a mouse pad so that the optical sensor can better recognize mouse movements.
  4. If it is a problem with the quality of the mouse, you can only replace the mouse with a better quality for a long time.
  5. Check whether the remote control program is enabled, and close the remote control program if it is enabled. Sometimes you may choose to allow remote control but forget to end when using remote control to solve a problem.
  6. If there are multiple people using the mouse nearby, other wireless mice that have been connected to your computer may cause it to automatically connect to your computer now, or it may not be a prank by your partner.
  7. Your mouse driver may be faulty during the update, you can uninstall the driver and reinstall it on windows 10.
  8. If the computer is being attacked by a Trojan or virus, this may cause the mouse to lag or move around. You can use antivirus software to scan and kill, or reinstall the windows 10 system. But reinstalling the system will wipe out all the files on your computer, so use it with caution.
  9. If there are mobile phones, microwave ovens, tablets, wireless charging and other electronic devices around the mouse, you can try to move them away to see if the computer mouse still moves by itself.
  10. If it is a laptop, you can check that the master has put his hand or something on the touchpad, which will also cause the mouse pointer to move without you noticing it. You can also try turning off the touchpad directly.

2.How to keep your mouse moving?

Keeping your computer mouse moving is an interesting topic. For many reasons, confuse your boss or keep your computer awake. Imagine if you went to the bathroom or bought a cup of coffee and your boss walked past your computer and saw that your screen was all turned off, the boss might think you’ve been away for too long, this is not a good impression. Or you have large files that need to be uploaded or downloaded, but you need to leave your computer. If you do not operate the computer for a long time, it will put it into sleep mode, which will disconnect the computer from the network and stop uploading and downloading files. Watching the file download progress.

In fact, it is very simple to solve this problem, and I will provide 3 methods to solve it in this article. The first method is to turn off the computer’s automatic sleep, and the second and third methods are to keep the mouse active all the time.These methods are practical at home and at work.

1.Change computer settings

Disable hibernation, i.e. turn off sleep mode, on Windows 10

  1. Right-click an empty space on the computer screen and click “Personalize” in the shortcut menu
  2. Click “Lock Screen”
  3. Click “Screen Saver Settings”
  4. Find “Power Management” and click “Change Power Settings”
  5. Click Change plan settings next to Power plan.
  6. Change “Put the computer to sleep” and “Turn off the display” to Never.
  7. Click Save Changes.

2.Use Mouse mover app

In addition to disabling the automatic hibernation of the Windows system, you can also use some software to prevent the computer monitor from automatically hibernating. One of the most commonly used software program is Mouse Jiggler alternative. Mouse Jiggler is a piece of software that fakes mouse input and tricks Windows into thinking you’ve been using a mouse. Mouse Jiggler keeps your computer awake by preventing screensavers from popping up when you don’t want to.

You can enable Mouse Jiggler when you have other things to do but don’t want to put your computer to sleep. Your mouse pointer will start moving on its own every minute. This action is enough to make Windows think you’re still using your laptop, and you can diy time between each mouse movement in mouse jiggler.

Of course, there are some other software that can also keep the mouse moving hack for windows pc, so that your mouse moves every 5 minutes or more, you can search and find it on the Internet.

3.Use hardware

It’s a simple method, you can keep mouse moving without software, but it costs money to buy a mouse mover or mouse shaker device. After purchase, put it under the mouse. After power on, its disk will keep rotating or moving. After the optical sensor of the mouse recognizes it, it will mistakenly think that we have been moving the mouse, because the optical sensor sees that it is the same as moving the mouse belt. The effect is the same, the movement command has been transmitted to the computer, which will naturally keep the computer in working condition.It’s undetectable because you don’t install any software on your computer

These are the different ways to keep your computer from going to sleep, and then you can keep your computer awake without touching the mouse. If you have other related questions, you can check out our other articles.


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