Why does my mouse keep freezing?

If your mouse keeps freezing or cursor freezes every few seconds,here are some solutions.

  • Solution 1: Enable scrolling of inactive windows to fix frozen

Some people have accidentally disabled Scroll inactive windows, which can be the cause of mouse lag or stuttering. So first, you should enable scrolling inactive windows.

1: Go to Settings > Devices > Mouse & Touchpad.

2: When I hover over the mouse and touchpad option, find scrolling inactive WINDOWS 10.

3: Select Turn it on to enable it.

In this window, you can also change other mouse settings to see if it solves the mouse stuttering or freezing issue in Windows 10. For example, you can choose how many lines to scroll each time. Maybe your wireless mouse acceleration problem can be solved in Windows 10.

If you find that the mouse is still freezing or not functioning properly, you can try disabling and enabling it several times and it may work fine that way.

  • Solution 2: Update the mouse driver

If you check that the mouse is working fine on another computer in good condition, it may be because your USB mouse driver is out of date. So now is the time to try updating mouse driver.

You can update the mouse driver in Device Manager.

1: Enter the device manager.

2: Under Mouse and other pointing devices, find the appropriate mouse driver.

3: Right-click the mouse device driver and select Uninstall.

4: Restart the computer.

Windows 10 will automatically install the latest mouse driver for you the next time you log in.

You can also manually update the latest drivers from the official website.

But since you don’t know much about the computer or don’t have the time or energy to download the latest mouse driver by yourself, you can try to use Driver Booster to update the mouse driver automatically.

Driver Booster will help you complete the three-click update process in few seconds, safely and professionally.

you can .

  • Solution 3: Check the mouse settings

But sometimes, the problem of not detecting the mouse or freezing when moving on the screen is not a driver problem, it may be due to wrong mouse settings. Therefore, it is crucial to check that the mouse is set to the correct mode.

1: Navigate to Settings > Device > Mouse & Touchpad > Additional Mouse Options.

2: Find out Pointer Options and make sure Enhance Pointer Precision is unchecked.

Then click Apply and OK respectively.

A full set, you can enjoy a smooth wireless, USB, optical mouse.

  • Solution 4: Turn off Cortana

Reminders can be set, natural speech is recognized without keyboard input, and questions are answered using information from the Bing search engine, which may make it work against some of the mouse’s capabilities.

Cortana is said to be one of the reasons why your mouse occasionally freezes or freezes or skips, so you can try turning it off to see if your Logitech and Razer USB or machine mouse works as usual.

  • Solution 5: Disable Audio Driver

Sometimes, audio drivers can cause mouse lag or mouse pointer freezing in Windows 10. So if you don’t need them, it’s best to disable them.

1: Go to Device Manager.

2: Under Sound, Video and Game Controllers, right click on the Realtek High Definition Audio driver and select Disable it.

If the mouse freezes or freezes or the mouse cursor disappears issue persists, you can try uninstalling the Realtek HD Audio driver, which may help resolve the issue.

  • Solution 6: End Realtek HD Audio Manager

Sometimes a Realtek program called FMAPP.exe can interfere with Windows 10, so maybe you can rule it out from starting to fix the wireless mouse lag bug in Windows 10. Also, it won’t affect you in any way and you can try this method without hesitation.

1: Right-click Start and select Task Manager.

2: Find Realtek HD Audio Manager and right click on it to end the task.

After that you can try to connect your wireless mouse again and it will work fine.

2.How to connect a wireless mouse?

A wireless mouse is a method that uses wireless communication. When a signal is received through the receiver or bluetooth, it can operate the computer within an effective distance, so as to get rid of the shackles of the wired mouse. Usually, the wireless mouse is operated by a battery. Power supply, use with a small receiver, how to use the wireless mouse in the operation process, the following editor will briefly introduce the method and steps for you.

The wireless mouse we buy in the market is usually a wireless mouse with 2.4HZ wireless technology. The USB interface of the receiver can be normally inserted into the interface of the computer for use. Be careful when packing to avoid dropping the mouse and the receiver, wireless mouse and a small receiver with a USB port. This little receiver is easy to throw away.

  • Hook up 2.4Ghz wireless mouse

When you unpack the wireless mouse, first find the battery compartment at the bottom of the wireless mouse, check whether the switch button of the battery compartment is in good condition, and gently open the battery compartment at the bottom of the wireless mouse. The battery is installed and the battery cover is closed, so that the wireless mouse can be used; the next step is to install the receiver, whether it is a desktop computer or a laptop, just find the USB port of the computer, insert the receiver, and open it like this When the power switch of the wireless mouse is turned on, the computer will automatically detect the newly installed software and install it automatically. After installation, it is possible to check whether it can be used by moving the wireless mouse. For some early wireless mice, the pairing also needs to be completed, that is, after installation, there is a pairing button at the bottom of the wireless mouse, which needs to be paired when we use it for the first time. After success, we will use it later. There is no need for such an operation in the process, you can use it directly.

  • Set up a bluetooth wireless mouse

  1. Open the settings

First, we need to open the settings interface of the computer.

  1. Open the device interface

After entering the setting interface, we select “Device” and enter.

  1. Select Bluetooth and other devices

After entering the device interface, we select Bluetooth and other devices, and click “Add Bluetooth or other devices”.

  1. Select “Bluetooth”

When we enter the interface of adding Bluetooth or other devices, we need to select the first item “Bluetooth”.

  1. Find your own bluetooth mouse and connect it

After entering “Bluetooth”, we just need to find our Bluetooth mouse and connect it.

The above are the steps of using the wireless mouse. In addition, we will encounter some situations when using the wireless mouse. For example, we suddenly find that the cursor of the wireless mouse does not move and cannot operate the computer. At this time, it is very likely that the battery in the wireless mouse is in use. If a power outage occurs, just open the battery cover and reinstall it, or the battery is out of power and needs to be replaced. In addition, some data cables or mobile phones may also interfere with the use of the wireless mouse. It is necessary to maintain a certain distance from these interfering devices.

As an electronic product, the wireless mouse should also pay attention to its maintenance during use. When we are not using it, the battery in the wireless mouse can be taken out, thereby reducing the consumption of battery energy and avoiding the long battery life. The leakage of liquid caused by not using it for a long time will cause corrosion in the battery compartment of the wireless mouse. In addition, try to avoid placing it in a place with damp and magnetic fields.

3.How to unlock mouse on laptop?

If your mouse or touchpad is locked, there are 2 corresponding unfreezing methods below.

  • Method 1 to unlock the laptop mouse:

Step 1: Click Start on the computer desktop to open Control.

Step 2: After opening the control panel, double-click to open the mouse.

Step 3: Display Mouse Properties, and check Enable Click Lock in Mouse Keys.

Step 4: Click Enable Click to lock the settings on the right.

Step 5: You can drag the slider to set the length of time. After setting, click OK.

Step 6: Go back to the mouse properties and click OK directly.

  • Method 2 to unlock touchpad on laptop:

Double-click the small white dot on the upper left of the touchpad to turn it on and off.

Some models do not have a shortcut key to turn on and off the touchpad separately, and can only be turned on through the control panel.

Click the Start button in the lower left corner of the screen and select Control Panel.

Select “Hardware and Sound” in Control Panel

Select “Mouse” in the panel

There is a device settings option in the opened mouse properties, select the device settings column, find a touchpad, and enable it.


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