Where is the command key on the keyboard?

Where is the command key on the keyboard

For users who have just switched from a MAC system to a Windows system, the lack of command keys on the keyboard will make them uncomfortable. For users who have been using Windows systems, the command button is very unfamiliar to them.

what is the command key?

The command key is a key dedicated to the Apple keyboard. Its symbol is ⌘. It is the core key on the Mac keyboard, so it is also called the Apple key. Command keys are usually called by many names: Applekey, Clover key, CMD key and open-Apple key.

Where is the command key? What does it do?

The command key is located on either side of the space bar on the Apple keyboard, and its modifier looks like a four-leaf clover, which can be pressed in combination with one or more other keys to perform various task commands.

what is the command key on windows keyboard?

We already know that the command key is a key dedicated to the MAC keyboard, so there is no command key on Windows systems. So is there a key on a Windows keyboard that replaces the command key? Yes, there are keys on Windows keyboards that function highly similar to the MAC keyboard command keys: the Ctrl (Control) key.

The Ctrl key is located in the first position at the bottom left of the Windows keyboard, and can be used with a lot of keys to implement shortcut commands.

MAC & Windows 10 Basic Shortcuts Comparison Table

DescriptionWindowsMac OS
Select all textCtrl + ACmd + A
Copy textCtrl + CCmd + C
Find TextCtrl + FCmd + F
Find Replace TextCtrl + HCmd + F
New DocumentCtrl + NCmd + N
Open fileCtrl + OCmd + O
Print OptionsCtrl + PCmd + P
Save fileCtrl + SCmd + S
Paste textCtrl + VCmd + V
Cut textCtrl + XCmd + X
Redo textCtrl + YShift + Cmd + Z
Undo textCtrl + ZCmd + Z

In addition to the Ctrl key, the Windows key can also help you implement many shortcut commands.

Win + A : Open Action Center.
Win + B : Select the toolbar at the bottom right of the desktop
Win + D : show the desktop
Win + E : Open My Computer
Win + F : Open the Find: All Files dialog
Win + L : Lock the computer or switch users
Win + M : Minimize all windows
Win + SHIFT + M : restore a minimized window to the desktop
Win + R : Open the Run dialog

Mapping keyboard

In addition to using the Ctrl key, which functions similarly to the CMD key on the MAC keyboard, it is also possible to use the command key on the Windows keyboard by mapping the function.

Home key replacement for Windows keyboards on MAC PC

After connecting the Windows keyboard to the MAC computer,
mac command(Apple) key on windows keyboard is control (Ctrl) key,
options key is Alt key,
delete key is bakspace key,
del key is delete key,
return key is enter key.

When we connect the Windows PC keyboard to the MAC computer, we can use the keymap function to replace the Windows keyboard’s modifier keys with command keys. By default, the command key is replaced by the Windows keyboard’s Ctrl key, but you can choose to map to other modifier keys.

How to map MAC keyboard command keys on Windows keyboard?

Normally, the command key will be mapped to the Ctrl key. If you need to replace it with another modifier key, please follow the steps below to replace the Ctrl key selected in step 7 with the key you want to map to.

  1. Click the Apple icon to open the menu, open System Preferences
  2. In the System Preferences window, select Keyboard
  3. In the dialog that opens, click the modifier key in the lower right corner
  4. Click the down arrow to open the Select Keyboard menu
  5. Select the keyboard to remap
  6. Open the drop-down menu in front of the control keys
  7. Select the Ctrl key (or other button) from the drop-down menu
  8. Open the drop-down menu in front of the command key
  9. Select the command key from the drop-down menu
  10. Click OK to confirm the changed settings
  11. Test if the Ctrl key (or other button) is replaced with the command key

Tips: If you map the command key to other modifier keys, you need to map the functions of other modifier keys to the Ctrl key.

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