What is a gaming mouse?

What is a gaming mouse

What is a gaming mouse?

Gaming mouse is a mouse designed to meet the needs of games with higher performance, comfort and user-defined functions. Such a mouse will choose the top accessories on the market in terms of hardware, and often use game chips and micro switches with better performance. friction with the mouse pad.
The mouse is matched with better ergonomic design and surface treatment to meet players’ pursuit of hand feel and performance, greatly improve operating efficiency, and ensure a longer service life. In addition to the hardware part, a real qualified gaming mouse will also be equipped with driver software to enable players to customize the game and improve the game operation according to their own needs. Therefore, the cost of a gaming mouse with both soft and hard performance will be much higher than that of a general mouse, so the retail price will be relatively more expensive.

What’s the difference between cheap and expensive mouse?

1. Performance
The difference in performance lies in the hardware used. The gaming mouse uses advanced or top game chips on the market, which will greatly improve in terms of DPI, polling rate, function, and lifespan.

  • DPI

DPI means the sensitivity of the mouse. The higher the DPI, the more points scanned when moving the same distance, which is reflected on the screen as the moving distance is farther or more accurate. When do you need a high DPI mouse? When your screen resolution is relatively large or in some games, you need to quickly move the mouse to the target position, which requires a higher DPI, allowing the mouse to move the same distance to move farther on the screen.
The DPI of an ordinary mouse usually only has a fixed gear, 800 or 1000 DPI, because the screen of an office computer usually does not have a large resolution, and a too high DPI will make the mouse fly around on a low-resolution desktop , a slight movement will pass the target. Second, high DPI requires more powerful chip support, which also results in higher costs.
The DPI options of gaming mice are more abundant, ranging from as low as 100DPI to as high as 10000DPI. Most gaming mice will cover the entire DPI range. If you use a low DPI mouse on a computer with a high resolution (2K, 4K monitor), your mouse needs to move a long distance, which is not only inconvenient, but also a fatal flaw in the game.

  • Polling rate

The polling rate, also known as the refresh rate, is the frequency at which the mouse transmits its position information to the computer, in Hz. Higher polling rate means lower latency, which means the accuracy of mouse position movement.
The polling rate of a business mouse is usually 125HZ, which means that the mouse will report its position like a computer 125 times per second, and the interval between each position update is 8ms. For ordinary business office, the polling rate of 125hz is enough, but for games that require higher precision and faster aging, 125hz is slightly powerless.
The polling rate of gaming mice is usually above 500HZ, generally 1000HZ. The delay is 2ms at 500HZ and 1ms at 1000HZ. For some players, the polling rate of 500HZ is enough, and the difference between 500HZ and 1000HZ can no longer be felt in use. For a higher polling rate, it will take up more resources of the computer processor and will also speed up the consumption of power.

  • Number of keys

An ordinary mouse usually consists of 3 buttons, the left button, the right button and the scroll wheel. These 3 buttons are enough for the user to complete all the instructions of the mouse on the computer.
Gaming mice usually have 6 or more buttons. In addition to the conventional left and right buttons and scroll wheel, there are usually 2 more side buttons and DPI adjustment buttons. The original function of the side button is to move forward and backward on the web page. In the game, it can be bound to the specific function key of the game, which will make the operation more convenient.

  • Macro programming

Macro programming is a unique function of gaming mice, and it is almost impossible to find ordinary mice with macro programming functions on the market. Macro programming can integrate multiple operation instructions of the mouse on one button, and pressing a button can realize a series of operations, which greatly reduces the difficulty of operation, and the response speed is far from normal operation. However, in some games, it will be regarded as cheating, and there is a risk of being banned. Before using it, you need to check whether the game allows the macro programming function.

  • Life

Ordinary mice use general hardware and materials, and usually have a service life of 1-3 years.
Gaming mice use better accessories and usually have a longer lifespan than ordinary mice, with a typical lifespan of 2-3 years or more.

2. Weight

In fact, the weight of the mouse has always been controversial. In the past, the gaming mouse had a counterweight to increase the weight of the mouse, but now it is the world of lightweight mice.
The business mouse has been quite satisfactory in terms of weight, usually between 80 and 100g, which belongs to the middle position of the mouse weight.
In order to improve the user’s experience, the weight of the gaming mouse is covered from 40-150g, and most of the popular lightweight mice on the market are located at 50-80g. In order to achieve lightweight for a long time, common methods include punching holes, reducing the size of the mouse, and optimizing the internal structure. Lightweight words also bring many benefits. It can reduce hand fatigue caused by long-term use, reduce the occurrence of hand diseases, and it will be more advantageous in some games that require high movement speed and frequency.

3. Appearance

The appearance includes the material, surface treatment, appearance design and lighting of the mouse.

  • Material

Ordinary mice usually use the most commonly used ABS plastic to save costs, but after long-term use, the hand feel will become very poor, and the body will appear oily and become very greasy.
Gaming mice usually use higher-quality materials, such as more skin-friendly plastics, stronger and lighter magnesium alloys, carbon fiber, etc. These materials feel better to use, but are also more expensive.

  • Appearance Design and Surface Treatment

In terms of appearance design and surface treatment, ordinary mice usually use a more single appearance design and a simple appearance treatment of solid colors, and the mouse does not look very attractive.
Gaming mice will be more diverse and personalized in appearance design. You can usually see various mice with different appearances in various shopping malls. And in the design, it will take into account that players use the mouse for a long time or cause hand fatigue, so the gaming mouse will be more ergonomic and in line with the player’s consistent grip. In terms of surface treatment, the gaming mouse will be more refined. The surface of the mouse will be sprayed with more unique and exquisite patterns, and the control of various details will be better.

  • Light

Most of the ordinary business office mice do not have lights, because business mice pursue simplicity and affordability, and do not need such bells and whistles. More lights will not significantly improve the office efficiency of employees, but it will significantly increase the mouse cost.
There are some gaming mice with lights, and some without lights, because some players don’t like the extra lighting effects, or they are limited to the use environment and give up. The mouse with light is usually equipped with adjustable RGB light, the color and style of the light are rich and varied, and it is equipped with an independent driver, which can realize the brightness, and the speed of transformation can only be adjusted.

4. Connection method

The connection methods of the mouse include wired and wireless connection. The wired connection method is USB wired connection. Although it is divided into two types: detachable and non-detachable, the actual effect is the same. The wireless connection method includes two connection methods: Bluetooth and 2.4G receiver.

Ordinary mice usually have only one connection method, either wireless or wired, and of course wired connection is more common.
Some gaming mice have a single connection mode, and some have multiple connection methods. For example, the Cool Brun II mouse is the connection method of USB wired and 2.4G wireless, and it is also the most stable connection method.

Is wireless mouse better than wired?

The three connection methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. In terms of connection stability and fluency, the wired connection method is the most stable, and its level is: wired connection ≥ 2.4G receiver ≥ Bluetooth.

Do wireless mice have lag?

There may be delays with wirelessly connected mice, depending on the mouse you purchased and the environment in which the mouse is used. The wireless connection version of the gaming mouse is usually a relatively new version, and generally there is no delay, but if the surrounding magnetic field is too strong, there will be a delay, but there will be no delay under normal circumstances.

Can I use a gaming mouse as a regular mouse?

Of course, the difference between a gaming mouse and an ordinary mouse lies in more powerful performance and functions, better appearance design and higher price. A gaming mouse is better than an ordinary mouse in all aspects. If it is not used to play games, it can be used as an ordinary mouse, and the experience will be better than that of an ordinary office mouse, which is why people buy expensive mice. But if you only use it as an office, it is not recommended to buy an expensive gaming mouse for a better experience, because the difference between the two mice you can experience in office is very small.

Is it worth buying an expensive mouse?

Are gaming mice worth it? This may be a point that many people are confused about. In fact, a gaming mouse offers so many benefits over a regular mouse that it can be a good choice for many people. If you want a more comfortable, durable, and powerful gaming device, a gaming mouse might be a good investment. As mentioned earlier, if you buy a mouse just for office work, or if you play games that do not require a mouse, then an expensive gaming mouse is not necessary.

Do pro gamers use wired mouse?

Although the wired mouse is the most stable mouse, in fact, most professional gamers use wireless mice, and only a few use wired mice. Because with the development and improvement of wireless mouse technology, the delay of wireless mouse and wired mouse has almost been equal, and it is difficult to feel the difference in delay between them in normal use. And the wireless mouse is not bound by wires, it is more convenient and free to move.

How much does a good gaming mouse cost?

A good gaming mouse on the market is usually around $30-$50, these mice have all the features a gaming mouse should have, and use very good hardware. If you have a lower budget, there are also mice around $10. These mice also usually have good performance and rich features, but there are still some gaps compared with mainstream gaming mice. If it is not very demanding, then it is enough to use. A $50-$200 gaming mouse is also a good investment if you have enough budget. Usually these mice use a very top-of-the-line chip and hardware configuration, and although you may not feel the gap between them and the average mouse, it does exist.

Below, I will recommend 5 good gaming mice, their prices range from $6 to $50, but the price does not include postage, so you need to reserve a part of the postage when choosing, the postage is usually $10-30 depending on the region.

1. 1000Hz COOL Knight Light Weight 2.4Ghz Wireless Gamer Mouse Optical RGB Mouse Gaming Factory Price($29.9)

COOL Knight II has a unique design, equipped with PMW3325 game chip, supports up to 10000DPI, and uses 2.4G wireless and USB wired connection. The mouse supports independent drive adjustment, and the adjustment of various mouse parameters, button functions, lighting, macro programming and other functions can be realized through software. The mouse itself uses a lightweight honeycomb design, and the overall weight of the fuselage is about 95g.

2. COOL Knight I Wired Gaming Mouse With Side Button For Desktop Computer($19.9)

COOL Knight I is the predecessor of COOL Knight II. The surface of the mouse is painted with a unique totem texture and is equipped with 2 replaceable back covers (honeycomb back cover and ordinary back cover). The mouse adopts USB wired connection, and each has a rich RGB color on the left and right. Light bar, up to 12000DPI. There is a built-in 6*5g weight inside the mouse, and the weight of the mouse can be adjusted by taking out the weight.

3.PMW3370 Chip Custom New Gaming Wireless Mouse For Gamer COOL BURN($42.9)

COOL BURN II is currently our best configured mouse. It adopts PMW3370 chip, supports up to 19000 DPI, and is divided into 8 gears for adjustment. The mouse is also equipped with an independent driver for adjustment, DPI, polling rate, light color, light mode, light brightness, light change speed, button function, macro programming, etc. can be adjusted. The mouse adopts the connection method of wired and wireless combination, and the richer connection method can be applied to more scenarios. The upper left side of the mouse is equipped with colored RGB lights, and both sides of the fuselage are equipped with water-cooled concept ambient lights, adding fun to your games.

4.Wireless Honeycomb Gaming Mouse Mouse For Laptop($6.99)

CB-A3 adopts 2.4G wireless connection, with the most basic 3-speed DPI. The honeycomb hollow design and good appearance treatment make it look more textured.

5.Metal Mechanical Scroll Wheel Mouse Gaming Wired Computer Accessories Wholesale($7.92)

Gray Metal Mechanical Scroll Wheel Mouse Gaming Wired Computer Accessories

CB-507 is available in 3 colors: black, gray, pink, and green. The surface of the mouse body is plated with a layer of metal, which makes it have a good texture. The mouse adopts USB wired connection and supports 5-speed DPI adjustment, up to 7200DPI. The tail of the mouse can be opened, and the weight can be adjusted by adding or removing parts.

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