What is 65 percent keyboard layout?

What is 65 percent keyboard layout

With the rise of mechanical keyboards, keyboards of various sizes have become popular. There are many keyboards with simplified or compact layouts such as 60%, 65%, 75%, and 80%. But no matter what size the keyboard is, it is cropped or changed according to the 100% full-size keyboard. Therefore, the percentage of the keyboard means the percentage of keys that have a full-size keyboard. But some keyboards of very similar size are very confusing to users, not knowing the difference between them and the actual use experience. In this article, we will introduce the layout differences between 60% and 65% keyboards in detail, and the actual use experience to help you better choose the keyboard that suits you.

What is a 65% keyboard?

65% lauout keyboard

The 65% keyboard is a keyboard with a compact layout. Compared with the 104-key (ANSI physical layout) of the full-size keyboard, the 65% keyboard has 65% of its keys, that is, 66-68 keys. The 65 keyboard discards the number key area of ​​the full-size keyboard, the navigation key area is merged into the first row of keys, and some function keys are added in the lower right corner of the keyboard. Therefore, compared to the full-size keyboard and the TKL keyboard, the 65 keyboard has a certain lack of functionality.

What is a 60% keyboard?

60% lauout keyboard

The 60% keyboard is also a keyboard with a compact layout, it has about 60% of the keys of a 104-key full-size keyboard, that is, 61-64 keys. 60% of the keyboard completely abandons the number key area and function key area on the right, and the navigation keys are merged into the keys in the first row, reflecting the ultimate streamlining. For many gamers, the number keys and function keys on the right may be rarely used, and removing these keys gives them more mouse space, which is exactly what they need.

60 vs 65 keyboard

60 vs 65 keyboard
 60% Keyboards65% Keyboards
Number of Keys61-64 keys66-68 keys
Remove KeysNavigation keys, numeric keys, function keysNavigation keys, numeric keys, home and end key
GamingNot friendly for games that require arrow keysgood for Gaming
PortableYes, very compactYes, light and small
Overall ExperienceGoodGood

What is the difference between 65 and 60% keyboard?

The difference between the 60 and 65 keyboards is concentrated in the small right corner of the keyboard. Taking the common 61-key 60% keyboard and 68-key 65% ​​keyboard as an example, the 65% keyboard has 7 more keys than the 60% keyboard. Compared with 60% keyboard, 65% keyboard has 4 more arrow keys, PaUp key, PaDn key, Delete key and one other key, this key may be Home key, Print Screen key or `~ key. The extra buttons are the 5 buttons in the last column and the 3 buttons to the left of them. To accommodate these 3 keys, the Shift key on the 60% layout keyboard was shortened, the keys to the left of the arrow keys were shortened, and the mouse buttons were removed.

Experience feelings

As far as 60 and 65 keyboards are concerned, according to the 100 keyboard users we surveyed, more people tend to go with the 60 keyboard. Their answer can be summed up like this: I basically use my keyboard to play games, and I don’t need to use the arrow keys and function keys when I play games, so the extra keys don’t work for me. Also, because the Shift key is shortened, and Shift, Enter, and Backspace are not on the outermost side of the keyboard, the wrong keys are often pressed when using them. The full-size keyboard or TKL keyboard used before or at work is full of Shitf keys, and the Shift key and Enter are on the outermost side, so it takes time to adapt to the 65 keyboard. Even with a 65 keyboard that has been used for a long time, if you use a TKL or full-size keyboard for work, you will still frequently press the wrong key.

Conclusion: 60 and 65 keyboards, we prefer the 60 keyboard. While the 65 keyboard is more versatile and ideally better to use than the 60 keyboard, in practice the layout of the 65 keyboard is a big change in layout relative to the regular 100% and 80% keyboards. The shortened right Shift key is one point, followed by the Enter key and the Backspace key not on the far right, which is not in line with the usage habits of most users. The 60 keyboard uses a very similar layout to the full-size keyboard, making it easier for users to adapt.


How many keys are in a 65% layout?

65% of keyboards have 66-68 keys. According to the different molds of keyboard manufacturers, the layout and number of keys of 65% keyboards will also be different. The most common 65% keyboard has 68 keys.

How many switches does a 65 keyboard have?

The number of switches depends on the number of keys on the keyboard, as each key has a separate switch under it. And depending on the keyboard layout, the 65 keyboard usually has 66-68 keys, so the 65 keyboard also has 66-68 switches.

Are all 65% keyboards the same size?

65% keyboards also have subtle differences in size and layout, depending on the abrasives of different manufacturers. The direction keys and function keys of most 65% keyboards are closely integrated with the entire key area, and the direction keys and function keys of a small number of 65% keyboards are clearly spaced from the main key area, as shown in the following figure:

65% lauout keyboard

What is the most popular keyboard size?

Currently, the most popular keyboard sizes include 100% full-size keyboards (104 keys), 80% TKL keyboards (87 keys), and 60% keyboards (61 keys). Although the 65% keyboard will be more functional than the 60% keyboard, the long-term habit of using full-size keyboards and TKL keyboards makes it take us a long time to adapt to the layout of the 65% keyboard.

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