what can i use as a mousepad? 9 best alternatives

what can i use as a mousepad 9 best alternatives

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or a business office worker, you need a good mouse pad to help you get good mouse control and wrist cushioning. A good mouse pad is definitely the best option, but if you forget your mouse pad or don’t have one for other reasons, is there anything we can use as a makeshift mouse pad? Of course the answer is yes. There are actually many things around us that can be used as alternatives to mouse pads. Below I will introduce what types of surfaces are suitable for mouse pads and recommend 9 things that can be used as mouse pads.

What kind of surface is suitable for use as a mouse pad?

At present, the vast majority of mice are optical mice. The working principle of the optical mouse is as follows: there is a light-emitting diode inside the optical mouse. The light-emitting diode emits light to illuminate the bottom surface of the optical mouse, and then reflects part of the light back and transmits it to the light-sensing device through the optical lens. Internal imaging. In this way, the movement trajectory of the optical mouse will be recorded as a set of coherent images taken at high speed, and finally the image will be analyzed and processed by the image analysis chip, and the moving direction and distance of the mouse will be judged by the change of the position of the feature points on the image, so as to complete the cursor positioning.

According to the working principle of the optical mouse, the surface we need needs to meet the requirements of a flat and relatively rough non-transparent surface. Because of the working principle of an optical mouse, if an uneven surface is used, the reflected light will be deviated, and the mouse displacement judgment will be wrong. If a smooth and transparent surface is used, the reflected and refracted light will be greatly reduced, and the resulting image will be very blurry, which affects the judgment of the mouse.

9 Alternatives to Mouse Pads

  1. Wooden table top
    The wooden desktop can meet the requirements of the mouse pad very well, its surface is flat and rough, and it is not transparent. Therefore, the wooden desktop can reflect the light of the LED very well, so that the mouse can receive a clear and correct image to locate our cursor.
  2. Books
    If you don’t have a mouse pad, a book would also be a good substitute. Look on your bookshelf or if you have an infrequent book nearby, then tear off a page and place it on the bottom of your mouse to use as a mouse pad. Because a piece of paper is too thin and light, it may move with your mouse when you move it. In order not to affect the use, it is recommended to stick the edge of the paper with transparent glue.

    Of course, if you don’t want to damage it, you can use it directly, but if the height of the book is too high, it will make your wrists uncomfortable, and your hands will not be at a height, which may cause shoulder and neck pain for a long time. Muscle strain.
  1. Opaque Folders
    If you’re an office worker, there’s a good chance you’ll have plastic hard-shell folders around you, which are usually blue and have a rough surface. With enough weight and a stiff texture, it doesn’t run around as easily as a piece of paper, making it a good replacement for a mouse pad.
  2. Paper version
    The corrugated version is a great replacement to a mouse pad, and if you’ve been shopping lately, it probably won’t be hard to find. Take your corrugated box, take it apart or tear off one side, and cut it into the shape you want with scissors.
  3. Insulation tape
    If you’re using a mouse on a clear glass desktop, it may not be accurate, at which point you can use insulating tape or duct tape to make your mouse pad. Stick the tape on your desktop side by side, the length and width depending on the size of the mouse pad you need, and try to stick them as flat as possible, otherwise it will prevent you from gliding smoothly.
  4. Sheets or clothing
    Flat clothing or bed sheets are also good alternatives to mouse pads. The surface of many clothing and sheets has a similar structure and texture to the fabric surface of the mouse pad, so using clothing or sheets can be very effective. It should be known that the main function of the rubber base of the mouse pad is to prevent the mouse pad from sliding, and it also has a certain buffering effect, so that we do not have the hard feeling of directly touching the desktop when using it. If there is no rubber base, it is not a big problem.

    Take a piece of clothing or bed sheet and spread it flat without too many or too many folds, place the mouse in the middle of the connecting folds, and then you can use your mouse happily.
  1. Placemats or table mats
    Placemats and table mats can also be used as mouse pads, but only if it is not too dirty or too greasy, otherwise your mouse and wrist will become very greasy, and there are gaps or small holes in the bottom of the mouse. It is also very easy to clean. trouble.
  2. Knee
    That’s right, you can use your lap as a mouse pad with or without cloth covering your lap. While it’s not that convenient to use on your lap (because Dazai and it’s not flat), it’s better than having no mouse pad to use with
  3. Self-healing cutting mat
    The self-healing cutting mat is usually used to protect the desktop from physical damage caused by cutting blades, but it can also be used as a mouse pad. It has a nice surface to fit your mouse, and it’s so thick that it doesn’t move with you when you move the mouse.

What surfaces should I avoid using the mouse on?

There are surfaces suitable for mouse use, and naturally there are surfaces that are not suitable for mouse. Unsuitable mouse surfaces will affect the performance of the mouse, and in the worst case, it may cause damage to the mouse or shorten the service life of the mouse. So which surfaces are not suitable for using a mouse?

  1. Reflective surface
    Reflective and glossy surfaces may affect the accuracy of mouse movements. The movement of the mouse is analyzed according to the light reflected by the bottom LED on the surface of the object. Too much other light will affect the pattern formed by the light, thereby reducing the accuracy of the mouse movement.
  2. Transparent surface
    The transparent glass surface will transmit most of the light, the reflected light will be greatly reduced, and the picture received by the image chip will become blurred, so it is impossible to accurately judge the moving direction and distance of the mouse.
  3. Rough surface
    A bumpy surface can make the mouse difficult to control, and your pointer may jump or shake when using the mouse, so the surface should be as flat as possible as a mouse pad.
  4. Soft fabric
    An overly soft fabric surface can also limit your use of the mouse. The soft fabric surface can make the mouse harder to use when using the mouse for fast movements, so you have to slow down the speed of moving the mouse, which will affect your productivity.
  5. Wet surfaces
    Water is very affecting the mouse moving experience. First, water refracts and reflects light, preventing the mouse sensor from receiving completely correct image information. Secondly, water is very taboo for electronic products. Even if a small amount of water enters the mouse through the bottom of the mouse, your mouse will be damaged quickly.

Can I use a mouse without a mousepad?

The mouse can be used without a mouse pad. As the mouse moves across the desktop, the bottom of the mouse still receives the image of the mouse movement to capture its movement. However, you won’t get the same level of precision and control as a mouse pad, and hard surfaces can be uncomfortable on your wrists.

Why use the right mouse pad?

A good mouse pad will make your mouse move more smoothly and it will reduce friction. It’s designed for this, and the manufacturer uses materials that are perfect for using your mouse.

With a proper mouse pad, control is better. It will give you precision you can appreciate and can take your gaming experience to the next level.

The right mouse pad can also reduce the level of fatigue you may feel after using your mouse for extended periods of time. It will provide support for your hand and ensure that you can use the mouse for a long time without any problems.

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