COOL KNIGHT 3.0 Magnesium Alloy Metal Paw3399 Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse Macro

Model: Cool Knight I
Number of keys: 7
Material: ABS
DPI: 1000-12000(6 Speed)
Polling rate: 500Hz
Interface: USB Wired
Light color: 7 color multi-mode
Weight adjustment: 6*5G Weights
Ergonomics: Support
At sterilization and disinfection: Support
OEM: Support

Cool Knight 3 is a 3-mode wireless gaming mouse, also our best gaming mouse. The body frame is made of magnesium alloy metal. It is matched with the top gaming mouse chip PAW3389, and supports independent driver adjustment and macro programming.

New Concept Aluminum Alloy Material

The biggest highlight of Cool Knight 3 is that it is made of magnesium alloy metal die-casting. Even if it is equipped with an RGB light bar inside, the weight is only 65G. Compared with aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys have the advantages of low density, high strength, good heat dissipation, large elastic modulus, large impact load, and strong corrosion resistance.


3-mode Wireless Gaming Mouse

Compared with Cool Knight 2, Cool Knight 3 has also been upgraded in connection mode. Cool Knight 3 supports both wired and wireless connections, including Bluetooth/2.4G/USB wired, covering the 3 most commonly used connection methods for mice.


PAW3399,The World’s Top Game Chips

In the selection of chips, we also strive to do better. The Cool Knight 3 gaming mouse uses the current top e-sports sensor: PAW3399. PAW3399 supports the most 20000CPI (DPI), 650IPS, 50G acceleration and 99.6% accuracy. In terms of performance, it even beats the Logitech Hero 25K.


7 buttons of coolknight 3.0

In terms of the number of buttons, Cool Knight 3 still maintains the traditional 7 buttons. Including left button, right button, scroll wheel, DPI plus and minus keys, and two side buttons.


Support Macro Programming

Cool Knight 3 still has an independent driver tuning program and supports macro programming. Through this program you can set the function of each mouse button, DPI, polling rate, sensitivity, scroll wheel speed, double click response time, light color, light mode, light intensity and macro programming function.

And the surface of the mouse adopts our exclusive AT sterilization technology. A layer of plant extract bactericidal coating is attached to the surface of the mouse, which is resistant to Escherichia coli/Staphylococcus aureus/Klebsiella pneumonia/H1N1 virus up to 99.9%, without affecting the appearance and performance.

The mouse is expected to be officially released in half a month. If you want to get the latest information and prices, you can contact us through the contact page.


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