Bluetooth Wireless USB Wired RGB Macro Gamer Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with Palm Rest

Model: Cool Knight I
Number of keys: 7
Material: ABS
DPI: 1000-12000(6 Speed)
Polling rate: 500Hz
Interface: USB Wired
Light color: 7 color multi-mode
Weight adjustment: 6*5G Weights
Ergonomics: Support
At sterilization and disinfection: Support
OEM: Support

CB-TMK61 is a wireless 3-mode macro gaming mechanical keyboard and our best mechanical gaming keyboard under 50 dollars.

This wireless gaming keyboard adopts the most popular 60% simplified layout design, and the compact body takes up less desktop space, leaving more space for your mouse, headset and other devices. Perfect for work or gaming. Colorful RGB lighting and outemu’s mechanical switches make it the perfect playmate for gaming. The lightweight body allows you to take it with you wherever you go.

The CB-TMK61 keyboard is a wireless mechanical keyboard that supports 3 connection methods, which is rare in the entire market. The price of $38.5 is one of the reasons why it stands out. You can connect to your device wired via Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless receiver or USB Type C. Also, it has silver metal edges embedded in the bezel, another very pleasing design. Pair it with a quiet black theme for a more elegant look.

This wireless gaming keyboard supports macro programming function, and can freely adjust key functions, light color, light mode, macro recording and other functions through the supporting independent driver. In addition, this keyboard supports hot-swappable function. It is very easy to replace the mechanical shaft of the hot swappable keyboard. You only need to remove the original switch and put in the new switch. This process does not require you to have extensive soldering experience, nor does it require so many troublesome tools, which is very beneficial for creating a personalized DIY keyboard.

The keyboard return rate is 1000Hz, the UHF data transfer is 1000 times per second, and the delay is only 1 millisecond. It can effectively detect almost all key pressed information at the same time and give extremely fast key feedback. In addition, its 61 keys feature a full-key anti-ghosting design for fast response when playing games. The whole body of the keyboard is Ottom’s blue-axis mechanical shaft, and each key can withstand more than 50 million strokes. The shaft body is a detachable quill shaft, if necessary, part or all of the shaft body can be replaced with other types of mechanical shafts. The keycaps are made of black and white ABS plastic injection molding, and the characters on the keys are white ABS plastics, which have good light transmittance and can pass through the RGB lights under the keycaps well. Distinctive.

The keyboard’s RGB backlighting has 20 different lighting modes, such as always on, marquee, streamer, and more. The backlight supports 4-level brightness adjustment and 4-level speed adjustment. Press “FN” + “Space” to switch the backlight together. The keyboard is equipped with an intelligent power saving mode. 2 minutes of inactivity will turn off all lights, and 30 minutes of inactivity will enter deep sleep. To wake it up, just press any key. The keyboard uses a rechargeable built-in battery. When the battery power is too low, the keyboard will flash a red light, indicating that the battery power is too low. Plug in the provided detachable USB cable to charge.

The keyboard key layout adopts ergonomic stepped high and low key positions, which is more in line with the curvature of the fingers when the arms are naturally placed on the desktop, and will not feel tired after long-term use. And the full-size style provides a palm rest (also called wirst rest or support), which can effectively reduce wrist fatigue.

The keyboard is available in four colors: black, white, blue and pink. Blue and pink symbolize youth and vitality, while black and white are more elegant and focused. Besides, we provide OEM/ODM service, if you need, we can customize keyboard language, color, layout, logo and pattern for you.

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2.4Ghz, Bluetooth, Wired

Keyboard Layout

100%, 60%, 80%

Power supply

Chargeable, WIred


Gaming Keyboard

cool burn true Magnesium alloy mouse

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