How to turn on the keyboard light (backlight)?

How to turn on the keyboard light

Whether it’s a laptop keyboard or an external gaming keyboard, most keyboards are now equipped with keyboard lighting. Keyboard lighting allows users to clearly identify each character in dim light or at night. On some gaming keyboards, the function of the keyboard backlight is usually not entirely for lighting, but more often to create a better use environment and allow users to have a better gaming experience.

However, it should be noted that the backlight of different manufacturers, different models of laptops or external gaming keyboards may be completely different. Therefore, I will list 5 relatively common keyboard backlighting methods in this article. Hope it helps you.

How to make your keyboard light up?

Before trying to turn on the keyboard backlight, you need to confirm whether your keyboard supports the backlight function. Yes, although most laptop keyboards and external keyboards now support backlighting, there are still some keyboards that only support backlighting. Some low-cost laptops or keyboards do not include LEDs in their hardware to save costs, so there is no way to fix it. If you want to get lighting at this time, you can buy an external keyboard that supports backlighting, it may make your game more fun.

The confirmation method is very simple. Check your product manual or manual, which usually explains whether the product supports backlight and how to turn on, switch, and turn off the backlight. If the instruction manual no longer exists, you can ask your supplier or look up information on the Internet for the same model.

  • Method 1: Use the software that comes with the keyboard

Some gaming keyboards support independent drivers to adjust the keyboard, including the adjustment of keyboard lighting. You need to download and install the driver of the keyboard, after running it, find the light bar, where you can adjust the color, mode, brightness, conversion speed, on or off of the keyboard light.

  • Method 2: Illuminated Keys

If your keyboard supports backlighting, then there is usually a backlit key on your keyboard, which is a sign like the sun, press it to turn on/off the backlight of the keyboard. This method is usually suitable for laptops or external keyboards with relatively single lighting.

  • Method 3: Shortcut keys

The common shortcut keys to turn on the light include: F5, F9, F10, F11, Fn+F8/F9/Insert/Space, if these cannot turn on the light, you can try the two keys on the left of Fn+enter or the 3 keys above. button.

Such as CB-K28 keyboard, its light switch shortcut keys are as follows:

FN+Space: Turn RGB lights on and off with one button.

Light brightness level: dim by FN+P; FN+[{ Brightness, a total of four levels (100%-75%-35%-OFF), the default is 75% brightness.

Light speed adjustment: reduce the conversion speed of backlit by fn+”; Fn+; : Increase the backlight conversion speed, which is four levels in total, and the default is the third level.

RGB light mode switching.
Light efficiency switching: FN+|

  • Method 4: Windows Mobility Center to adjust

This method is applicable to some Windows 10 laptops. If your computer has a keyboard backlight but it doesn’t work when turned on, try this method.
Enter Control Panel after pressing the Windows key, then select Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Windows Mobility Center. In Windows Mobility Center, find the Keyboard Brightness setting, there is a slider behind it, pull the slider to the right to increase the backlight brightness.

Tips: Not all Windows 10 laptops support this option, as Windows Mobility Center is the control program the manufacturer chooses to place.

  • Method 5. Enable keyboard backlight in BIOS

In some cases, the computer has lights on, but it doesn’t work properly when turned on, this may be related to the BIOS settings for the lights. You need to check the BIOS version and update it to the latest version. In addition, check the settings of the parameters in the BIOS and set them to the corresponding parameters. This requires you to check the BIOS lighting operation guide provided by the supplier. Every step needs to be strictly followed. Some small changes may cause problems with the laptop.

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Why doesn’t my keyboard light turn on?

First of all, you need to confirm that your keyboard does support lighting. Some keyboards do not support lighting. If the keyboard has normal lighting, but cannot work after it is turned on, it may be that the brightness is too low or the BIOS settings and version problems, please refer to methods 4 and 5 to adjust.

How to change light color, brightness and mode?

Not all keyboards that support lights support modification of light levels, colors, and modes. Some keyboards only support lighting, but do not support its variety of adjustments. Refer to the supplier’s product usage guide, if it supports light adjustment, it will be described in detail. Keyboards that support software adjustment can directly adjust the color, brightness and mode of the keys through the software.

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