How to play elden ring with keyboard and mouse?

How to play elden ring with keyboard and mouse

1.How to play elden ring with keyboard and mouse?

The way you play Souls games is a battle that a lot of people are fighting. You can play elden ring on PC, PS5, PS4, XBox One, Xbos Series and other platforms, but for players who often use controller, they don’t know if they can play elden ring with a keyboard and mouse. Is elden ring only playable with a controller? of course not. In fact, you don’t need to worry about this at all, because the elden ring is supported and mouse controlled. On the elden ring settings interface, you can customize the way you operate with the keyboard and mouse. Should you use a keyboard and mouse or a controller? To be honest, to answer the question clearly, which way you choose is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to use the controller for more precise movements.

The following describes how to operate the keyboard and mouse.

Before we get started, the most important thing you need to know is this setting called “Screen Alerting Device”. When you change this setting to “Keyboard and Mouse” it shows keyboard input instead of controller input. This will be very useful because the game will tell you what button to press, and then you will know that “Q” is for back, “E” is for forward, and “G” is for map,”ESC” is for menu.

And you can try setting the mouse sensitivity to “4”, the camera speed to “0” and the mouse to “800 dpi” for better control. If you guys need it a little faster, just enter the “Keyboard/Mouse” settings and try increasing the mouse sensitivity a bit.

In terms of jumping, it can be modified to “space bar”, because few people will use “F” to jump in any game. This actually releases the “F” key, then I change the crouch from “X” to “C” because pressing “X” crouches.

The “Switch weapons” settings are a bit tricky, they help you switch weapons faster and easier. But we found the numbers above “wasd” very useful. I got rid of all the shift-pressing stuff because we already used that button.

So it is possible to use right hand to press “1”, left hand to press “2”, then “3” to press my switch item, then “4” to press my magic. So I can easily change my spells and activate them with the “R” button. Then I use the “F” for a power attack because my hand is already on the “wasd”. At the same time I use “Right Click” to lock, “Q” as my ultimate.

elden ring basic controls keyboard button layout diagram(pc keyboard command prompts)

Elden ring controller vs keyboard

Regarding whether it is better to use a keyboard and mouse or a controller to play elden ring, I make the following suggestions based on the answers of different players.

For players who are accustomed to playing games with keyboard and mouse, it is recommended to play with keyboard and mouse, which is more convenient to operate and does not need to spend extra money to buy a controller, because you may buy it just to play this game, and it will be completely useless later. It’s idle, and you still need to spend a lot of time to get used to the gameplay of the controller. Of course, if you do have a lot of time and energy and money, you can try it.

For players who are used to the controller, it is naturally recommended to play with the controller. Because most users respond that the controller controls will be better and more convenient to play. For example, on a controller with back buttons, some keys that are inconvenient to press on the keyboard can be set to the back buttons of the controller. For example, many players put dressing changes or taking medicine on the back buttons.

Therefore, in general, keyboard and mouse users can try to play elden ring with a controller if they have suitable conditions, but it is usually not recommended for gamepad players to play with a keyboard and mouse.

2. Lost ark how to change mouse controls?

Lost Ark is an MMORPG game developed by Smile Gate. The game is built with Unreal Engine 3 and adopts a lock-free combat method. In the game, players play the role of constantly fighting the demon army in order to find the ark. Although Lost Ark does not have quick casting, which makes many players feel helpless, this does not affect it from being a good game.

Next I will introduce how to change mouse settings in lost ark

Press the ESC key on your keyboard to find the game menu. At the bottom of the menu, you’ll find Settings under the Roster, Character, Adventure, Guide, and Community categories, there are various settings for changing your keyboard. Depending on the mouse settings and controls you’re trying to change, you’ll have to go to a different category. The following list provides a complete list of changes you can make to the mouse settings and controls in the Lost Ark settings:

  1. Press the Esc key on your keyboard to open the in-game menu.
  2. Select the Settings subsection.
  3. Open the Hotkey tab and navigate to Basic Controls scheme.
  4. On the Basic Controls menu, you can swap the attack and movement keybindings if desired. Enable right button click to attack left button click to move or switch any other key bindings.Some players reported that the interact key “G”was inconvenient to use and locked and could not be changed. If your mouse is an advanced gaming mouse that supports independent driver adjustment, you can use the independent driver of the mouse to bind this button to the side button of the mouse.
  5. In Accessibility, you can change the accessibility and cursor size of the cursor.After selecting Gameplay, then Controls and Display, you can change the cursor speed and acceleration, which is the sensitivity of the mouse.You can change all key bindings except a few default control schemes that are locked. We recommend playing for a few minutes before finalizing your choice.
  1. If you’d rather play with a gamepad than a mouse and keyboard, the settings menu also contains a gamepad submenu that allows you to remap controls to supported controllers.

3.How to fix mouse scroll wheel?

It is very common for the mouse scroll wheel to suddenly stop working. If you have this problem with your mouse, before throwing your mouse in the trash, you can follow some troubleshooting tips to get it working again.

There are several reasons why the mouse wheel won’t roll:
  1. Mechanical problems caused by dust and dirt;
  2. Low battery issues with wireless mice;
  3. Incorrect mouse settings in the system settings;
  4. Corrupted system files;
  5. Using a mouse that is not compatible with the operating system.

So how should we fix the mouse wheel not scrolling correctly?

  1. Reconnect the mouse. Do this by disconnecting the mouse from the USB port and plugging it back in. Whenever a mouse is plugged in, it restarts the mouse driver, and that alone should solve the problem. You can even try a different USB port. If you are using a wireless mouse, make sure the mouse is properly connected to your PC.
  2. Replacement battery. If your wireless mouse wheel scrolls wrong wayand erratically, low battery power is the most common cause of abnormal mouse behavior. Whether the mouse wheel is not scrolling or the mouse is acting erratically, you can fix the problem by replacing the battery.
  3. Clean the mouse. Most modern mice no longer need to clean themouse roller, so the scroll wheel is the only mechanical part. It is the part that attracts dirt, dust and food particles. They can slip through the cracks in the side of the wheel and can cause the mouse wheel to not work. If your mouse is a wireless mouse, it needs to be cleaned regularly.
  4. Check the touchpad. Confirm if something touching the touchpad on the laptop is interfering with the mouse. You can even temporarily turn off the touchpad to see if that fixes the problem.
  5. Check the mouse wheel settings. Each operating system has unique settings to control the mouse wheel. If these are changed, you may experience the mouse wheel not scrolling. Check your mouse settings on Windows 10 to make sure wheel scrolling is actually enabled and configured correctly.
  6. Update the mouse driver. The most efficient way to update the mouse driver is to download and install the latest mouse driver from the manufacturer’s website. On a Windows 10 PC, open and check Device Manager to make sure there is no exclamation mark next to the updated mouse driver. If so, you need to roll back the driver and try another method.This also applies to the weird jumping up and down of the mouse wheel
  7. Repair corrupt system files. At this point, your system files may be corrupted. Before you try anything drastic, make sure you have the latest system for Windows 10 installed. Then please try to perform automatic repair on Windows 10. If all else fails, you may need to perform a full Windows 10 system restore or a clean install of Windows if you didn’t restore your backup.This also works for mouse wheel goes up and down.


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