How to fix mouse keeps right clicking?

How to fix mouse keeps right clicking

The mouse is our simple tool to operate the computer, it can move the cursor or select text quickly and precisely. In a graphical user interface (GUI), the mouse is also convenient for dragging and clicking. However, some problems may occur after the mouse is used for a long time, such as the mouse automatically right-clicks, or when you left-click the mouse, the right-click function appears. This article will propose solutions to the two problems of the mouse automatically right-clicking and left-clicking.

1. How to fix mouse keeps right clicking on its own?

There are usually many forms for the mouse to keep clicking automatically, including automatic right-click, automatic left-click, automatic double-click and so on. There are many reasons for these situations, including computer failure, mouse failure, external factors, etc. The following points are roughly summarized:

  1. There is dust or dirt on the mouse
  2. Mouse driver problem
  3. Touching the laptop touchpad by mistake
  4. Touch screen failure
  5. System failure
  6. The USB connection port is damaged
  7. Malware or Viruses

The method to solve the automatic click of the right mouse button has the following 13 points.

1. Clean the mouse

During long-term use or non-use, the mouse will continue to accumulate dust and dirt, which may interfere with the click of the mouse or jam the micro-movement of the mouse, which will affect the normal click of the mouse or appear random clicks.
To remove accumulated dirt or dust inside the mouse, use compressed air or a blower to blow into the gaps in the mouse, and then check whether the mouse is working properly.

2. Replace the USB interface

The problematic USB port will also be one of the reasons for various mouse failures. Check whether the USB port is excessively worn or fouled. If it is, please connect it to another USB port that is working normally, and then check whether the mouse still clicks automatically.

3. Disable click lock feature

The mouse click lock function allows you to select text or drag files without holding down the mouse, but this function may also cause the mouse to click automatically. Try to disable this function to see if it solves the problem of automatic click. The closing path is as follows:

  1. Open the control panel,
  2. Find and double-click “Mouse”
  3. Find the click lock item at the bottom of the mouse properties dialog box, uncheck “Enable click lock”
  4. Click OK to exit

4. Check double tap speed

If the double-click speed of the mouse is too high or too low, this will cause the system to recognize two clicks as a double-click or a longer click as a double-click, resulting in a series of problems. The adjustment method is as follows:

  1. Click the Start button, click “Settings”
  2. Find the “Device” option and click to enter
  3. Click the “Mouse” option on the left
  4. Click “Additional mouse options”
  5. Finally, slide the cursor to set the double-click speed of the mouse

5. Adjust the USB hub properties

The computer’s USB port can be turned off through the device manager to save power, but this may cause problems such as mouse failure, delay, and automatic clicking. You can turn off this function by the following methods:

  1. Open Device Manager through the Windows search bar.
  2. Find the Universal Serial Bus section and click to expand it.
  3. Right-click Mice and Other Pointing Devices and select Properties.
  4. Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck the box next to “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.”
  5. Click OK to save the changes.

6.Check for virus software

Computer viruses can cause serious damage to a computer and affect most of its normal functions. Download a good anti-virus software and run it to screen the computer for viruses and Trojan horses. If there are viruses, Trojan horses or other malicious software, follow the prompts to clean them up in time to ensure the good operation of the computer.

7. Check the remote control program

The remote control program allows other computer users to remotely control your mouse to operate the computer through the network, such as allowing professional computer personnel to help users who are not accustomed to computer program operations to troubleshoot. But if the program is hacked by users without permission, they can get your personal data through the program. To check whether the computer is controlled by others, you can follow the following methods:

1. Disconnect the network connection, and then continue to use the computer. If the automatic click does not disappear, it can basically be ruled out that the computer is remotely controlled. If the automatic click disappears, it is likely that the computer was previously controlled by someone else, you need to uninstall the remote control program on the computer, sometimes they will pretend to be other, check the abnormal software on the computer and delete it.

2. Turn off allow remote control

  1. Open the start menu, find the setting button in the start menu to enter the setting interface
  2. Find the update and security option in the pop-up interface, double-click to enter it
  3. Select the developer tab on the left, find the remote desktop on the right, and click Display Settings.
  4. Click Advanced to enter the advanced setting interface.
  5. Find Allow this computing to be remotely controlled on the interface, uncheck Allow to be remotely controlled
  6. Uncheck Allow remote assistance connections

8. Disable the touchscreen

If your computer supports touchscreen functionality, then it may be what is causing your computer to click automatically. Many users have reported that the touchscreen display interferes with the pointer and makes it click automatically, therefore, you need to disable the computer’s touchscreen functionality.

  1. Right-click the Windows icon and select “Device Manager”.
  2. Click the drop-down button of “Human Body Input Device”, right-click “HID-compliant touch screen” (some products are displayed as “HID-compliant Touch Screen”), and select “Disable Device”.
  3. Click “Yes”. After setting, the touch function of the touch screen will not be available.

9. Check the touchpad

If you use a laptop, the mouse’s constant automatic clicking may be caused by your accidental touch on the touchpad. At this time, you can be careful not to touch the touchpad when using the mouse, or you can disable the touchpad.

  1. Press Win+I to open Windows Settings
  2. Select “Device” – “Touchpad”
  3. Turn off the touchpad or uncheck the “Keep the touchpad on when the mouse is connected” option below

10. Check the battery

If you are using a wireless mouse, then the battery is low or the mouse may automatically click, which will send a false click signal. Try a new battery and check if the auto click still occurs.

11. Update the mouse driver

Corrupted or outdated mouse drivers can cause a series of problems when using the mouse. Check if your driver is outdated or corrupted, if it is not up to date or corrupted, update it to the latest driver.

  1. Press the Windows + X keys and select the Device Manager option from the pop-up menu.
  2. Locate Mice and other pointing devices and double-click it.
  3. Right-click the driver below, and then select the option to update the driver, follow the prompts to complete the driver update, and then check whether the mouse works normally.

12. Check the mouse switch

If the mouse suddenly starts to click automatically, there may be a problem with the micro switch of the mouse. You need to try to repair the micro switch of the mouse. It should be noted that if it is not done properly, you may permanently damage your mouse, causing it to no longer be used normally. Therefore, do not use this method unless necessary.

To check the mouse fret, you need to remove the case of the mouse. If it is an adsorption-type shell, it can be removed directly to adjust the angle. If it is a buckle-type or screw-tightened shell, you need to remove the screw or buckle. After removing the case, you can see the switch under the mouse button, then take a drop of oil, drip it on the switch until the oil has penetrated the switch completely, then wipe off the excess oil.

Reconnect the mouse to your computer and test if it works again.

13. Replace with a new mouse

If all of the above methods have not solved the mouse automatic clicking problem, then the last resort is to buy a new mouse. The previous steps have ruled out that the problem is on the computer

2. How to fix mouse keeps right clicking when i left click?

A mouse that remains right-clicked while left-clicking is usually a system failure.

method 1

Restart the computer, restart multiple times, restart 5 times still can not solve the problem, try the second method.

Method 2
  1. Just find a folder, right click and select Open Folder;
  2. Close the folder
  3. Normal left click to open the file.
    Check whether it is repaired, if not, please try the third method
Method 3
  1. Click the left mouse button (right button) anywhere on the desktop and select Personalize
  2. After entering, click on the theme
  3. Then select Mouse Pointer Settings
  4. After entering this interface, click Restore Default Settings
  5. Then select Windows Default
  6. Finally click the default to complete
Method 4
  1. Use win+s to bring up the search function of windows10, enter the control panel
  2. Open the control panel, click the mouse option
  3. Click Mouse Properties, click the Switch Primary and Secondary button, then click Apply, and click OK.
Method 5
  1. Use win+s to bring up the search function of windows10, enter the control panel
  2. Open the control panel, click the mouse option
  3. Click the mouse properties,
  4. Select pointer,
  5. Select the normal option,
  6. Choose to use default values, click Apply, and then click OK
Method 6
  1. Right-click the hard disk icon in “My Computer”
  2. Select “Properties”–“Tools”–“Troubleshooting” in turn, select “Start Troubleshooting”
  3. Select both “Automatically repair file system errors” and “Scan and attempt to recover bad sectors”, restart, after troubleshooting, be patient, and sometimes you can only get to the Widows screen.
Method 7

Computer viruses will modify or disable many computer functions. Maybe your computer has been invaded by viruses or Trojan horses. It is recommended to install regular antivirus software for antivirus.

Method 8

If the above methods are not solved correctly, it is recommended to reinstall the computer system, which will solve all problems except computer hardware and mouse.

If none of the above methods can solve the problem of right-clicking the mouse, it is likely that the mouse has been damaged, and it is recommended to buy a new mouse.


Why does my mouse left click become right-click?

If the mouse keeps clicking the right button when it is left-clicked, it usually means that the Windows system is faulty. It can be solved by restarting the system, reinstalling the system, and modifying the mouse properties.

How do I turn off click lock?

Open the control panel → find and double-click “Mouse” → find the click lock item at the bottom of the mouse properties dialog box, uncheck “Enable click lock” → click OK to exit.

Why is my mouse right clicking instead of left clicking?

If the mouse keeps clicking the right button while left clicking, it usually means that the system is faulty. You can try to restart the system several times, modify the mouse settings, and clean up the computer virus to try to solve it.

How do I fix my left click mouse malfunction?

You can try to fix left-click mouse failure by repairing corrupted user profiles, checking for corrupted Windows data, installing your antivirus software, updating mouse drivers, resetting your computer, etc.

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