How to connect keyboard and mouse to nintendo switch?

How to connect keyboard and mouse to nintendo switch

1.How to connect keyboard and mouse to nintendo switch?

If you like games like Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, but prefer the PC controller layout, you’re in luck. You can also use the Nintendo Switch keyboard and mouse to enter passwords, comment on photos and play games.

The information in this article applies to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

What it takes to play games with a keyboard and mouse on the Nintendo Switch?

To play games with a keyboard and mouse with switches, you may need to purchase additional peripherals. Your best bet is the Gamesir VX AimSwitch. Gaming keyboard and mouse combo set compatible with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PS3 and Xbox One. The Delta Essentials keyboard and mouse combo is similar in design, features, and price.

If you’ve opted for a gaming keyboard, there are also USB adapters like the Switch, HYCRUS Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for Xbox One, PS4 and PS3. Other options include the C91 keyboard and mouse adapter and the Delta Essentials adapter.

You can also use the Cronusmax Plus Gaming Adapter with a PS4-to-Wii U adapter such as the Gron3Gear Brook to connect a gaming mouse and keyboard. However, the cost is comparable to the AimSwitch, so unless you already own these peripherals, it makes more sense to buy the AimSwitch.

Nintendo Switch keyboard and mouse support

Most USB keyboards are compatible with the Nintendo Switch, but you can’t play games with a regular keyboard. However, you can use it to enter passwords and other text. Many people find a physical keyboard far more useful than switching on-screen keyboards, such as adding notes to screenshots uploaded to social media. Connecting a standard gaming mouse to the switch has no effect.

Some companies make keyboards dedicated to switches, the only difference being the side slots for holding the Joy Con controllers. However, there’s no need to buy a dedicated keyboard for the switch, as the keyboard itself still doesn’t play games. Many PS4 headsets are also compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

How to connect mouse and keyboard to the Nintendo Switch?

You can connect USB mouse and keyboard to two of the USB ports on the Switch dock. The switch should detect the keyboard immediately. No other settings are required.

You can connect a USB keyboard or mouse to one of the USB ports on the Switch dock.

You can also use the mouse with the help of a USB-USB-C converter when the switch is in handheld mode. You can also use a wireless mouse with the switch. Just connect the bluetooth dongle to the Switch dock and it will work automatically.The connection method of the keyboard is the same as that of the mouse.

2.How to play osu with mouse?

Osu is a fan music game on the microsoft windowspppppp platform, which will be launched on Mac OS, iOS, Android and other platforms. In order to increase the fun of the game, osu has added sections such as online rankings, multiplayer games, replay exchanges and community exchanges.

Enter osu! The input items of the settings page we can see this screen

See that button set? The top group means osu! Mode settings, the left click here refers to the left button of the mouse, and the Z on the right refers to the Z key on the keyboard, which means that you are in osu! In the mode, pressing the Z key of the keyboard and the left button of the mouse have the same effect, and the right click and X below are also the same. In fact, you can hit those circles by pressing these four keys in the game. As for the movement of the mouse pointer, of course, the mouse is used. The more advanced one can use the digital tablet. The one-to-one mapping thing is right for osu! This kind of game that requires precise positioning of the mouse is suitable.

To sum up, the circle click uses the left and right buttons of the mouse and the ZX button on the keyboard (the ZX button is only the default setting, this can be changed), and the movement of the mouse pointer is done with the mouse or the tablet, so that there are two or two combinations. Several common operating modes are given by LS.

As for the touch screen, I personally do not recommend it very much, because the sensitivity of the touch screen is not high, and sometimes there will be offsets and other situations. The most important thing is that when you touch the screen with your hand, it is destined to block a large piece of the screen. If the screen is blocked at this time Some circles appear in some parts, which will inevitably affect your reaction speed, and then you can’t see the blocked parts, thus entering a vicious circle.

Personally, I still recommend the operation method of using two hands to control the movement and strike, because one-hand operation (usually pure mouse flow) is a bit busy when touching the map in the later stage. It is obviously better to have two hands to share the pressure. (Of course, this is not to say that pure rat flow cannot become great, after all, there are many existences that rely on pure rat flow to rush into the top 1000 or even higher in the world).

Among these operation modes, the most unfamiliar LZ should be the tablet one, so I leave a portal of the tablet holder with cookies, hoping to help you.

3.Which mouse function opens the shortcut menu?

The three most common mouse buttons are right-click, left-click, and scroll wheel, and some gaming mice will have some function keys attached. Generally, the mouse has three function keys, and some mice have 6 function keys, or even 7. The following is an introduction to the functions of the buttons on the mouse.

Mouse with three function keys

Generally left button, right button, middle pulley, the most common. This is basically understood by everyone who uses a computer. The left and right buttons are left-click to select, double-click the left button to open. The right mouse button is often used to provide additional information or properties of the selected item. For example, if you right-click a selected text or image in Word or a web page, a drop-down menu will appear with options to cut, copy, paste, print, and more. The menu that appears when you right-click the mouse is called the shortcut menu, also called the option menu, and these pop-up menus will change according to where you click. Therefore, to the question many users ask “Which mouse function opens the shortcut menu”, the answer is to click the right mouse button.The middle pulley can pull up and down the page when opening the page, no need to use the left button to click. Pull the slide control.

Mouse with six function keys

Generally, three buttons are added to the mouse with three function buttons. For example, there are two side buttons on the left side, which are close to the thumb, so they are also controlled by the thumb. So what is the use of the side buttons of the mouse? They are page forward and backward respectively.

In addition, there is a DPI button behind the middle pulley;

This is used to adjust the speed of the mouse movement. If it is not pressed, it is normal speed. If you press it once, it will speed up. If you press it twice, it will slow down. If you press it again, it will become normal speed.

You can also download a software “Mouse Side Button Setting Tool”, use the software to set shortcut keys for the side keys, and set them as single-key shortcut keys such as copy, paste, etc. After setting, you only need to press this key to Copy and paste is ready.

Mouse with seven function keys

On the mouse with six function keys, a mouse light-emitting switch button is also added. Generally, it is under the mouse, and you can control whether the switch is illuminated to operate.

The above is the introduction of the functions of each mouse button, I hope it can help you.


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