How to clean an fabric RGB mousepad (mouse pad)?

How to clean an fabric RGB mousepad (mouse pad)

If you often use the computer for office work or games, then the mousepad is definitely an indispensable thing. The main function of the mouse pad is to assist the mouse in positioning, preventing the surface reflection and refraction of special materials such as glass from affecting the positioning accuracy of the mouse. In addition, the mouse pad can also buffer the impact of the wrist and the desktop in the process of moving the mouse, increase the feel of the mouse, and prevent the left side from being scratched by the mouse and other functions. However, over a long period of time, various stains, grease, and bacteria will accumulate on the mouse pad, which requires us to clean the mouse pad.

Why clean your mouse pad?

If the mouse pad is not cleaned for a long time, it will accumulate a lot of stains and bacteria. Excessive stains can cause the mouse pad to be inaccurately positioned and not move smoothly. If your mouse is sometimes insensitive or jumps, it’s likely that the mouse pad is too dirty. Second, the various germs that grow on mouse pads are also an easy way to spread germs that can harm your health and the health of others. Therefore, cleaning the mouse pad is a very important thing.

Most mouse pads are made of fiber fabric surface and rubber base. It is also very easy to clean. If your mouse pad is not very dirty and only has some dust on the surface, then the easiest and best way is to rinse it with water. , the waterproof function will keep your mouse pad from getting wet, and it will be ready to use in no time. If the mouse pad is dirty, it’s a little more complicated. Soak in soapy water at about 30°C for about half an hour, then press down on the surface of the mouse pad with your hand or sponge, repeat several times, rinse with clean water, and then put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry, or with a hairdryer.

How to clean an RGB mousepad?

If your mouse pad is a luminous mouse pad with RGB lights or LED lights, then please do not directly soak the mouse pad in water or rinse it with clean water, water in the circuit will damage the built-in circuit of the mouse pad, causing the mouse pad to light up. Can’t light up anymore. So, how to clean an RGB mouse pad? Please follow the steps below:

1. Unplug the RGB mouse pad

Before cleaning your mouse pad, please unplug the mouse pad’s power cord, this will reduce the possibility of electric shock during cleaning and also prevent electrical modules from being damaged during cleaning.
Some RGB mouse pads have cables that can be detached from the mouse pad, if possible, separate the cables from the mouse pad.

2. Fill your sink or basin

Fill your sink or basin with warm water around 30°C (be careful to reserve the seat for the mouse pad, otherwise the water will overflow like all around), then add detergent, hand sanitizer, shampoo or other cleaning solution to the water and stir it.

3. Put the mouse pad in the water

Put the mouse pad into the water and let it stand for half an hour, but be careful to leak the electrical module part out of the water, prohibit it from touching the water, you can use a clip to connect to other things for protection. The other RGB light parts can be put into water directly, they are well protected by the plastic tube, there is no need to worry about water ingress and damage.

4. Sponge scrub

Take out the mouse pad and place it on a clean and flat surface, lift the electrical module part slightly with one hand, then use a sponge or soft brush to wipe in one direction, then put it back in the sink to wet it, and repeat the brushing several times.

5. Rinse the mouse pad

Rinse the mouse pad under the faucet. Similarly, make sure that the electrical module part is kept away from the water source. You can wash the electrical module part with a plastic bag. When there are no soap bubbles on the surface of the mouse pad, it can basically prove that it has been cleaned.

    6. Dry the mouse pad

Use a dry towel to wipe the mouse pad until the mouse pad is no longer dripping, then dry the mouse pad in a dry and ventilated place (be careful not to expose it to the sun), wait a few hours, and you can get a brand new mouse pad.

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What not to do?

1. Do not immerse the electrical module in water

If the electrical module is immersed in water, who will enter the whole circuit through the power outlet, the circuit cannot be ventilated, the water in it is difficult to dry, and it will damage your computer, then your RGB mouse mat (desk mat) will lose RGB lighting forever Function.

2. Do not use water that is too hot

Hot water can damage the rubber base, making the mouse pad less comfortable to use.

3. Do not brush the surface of the mouse pad hard

Do not brush the surface of the mouse pad with a hard brush or force, this will physically damage the fibrous fabric structure of the mouse pad, causing the surface of the mouse pad to be covered with fibrous fluff, and your mouse pad will not function properly.

4. Don’t put the mouse pad in the washing machine

Although many manufacturers say that their mouse pads can be washed directly in the washing machine, violent tearing and friction after putting in the washing machine may deform the rubber base and destroy the adhesive between the fiber fabric and the rubber base.
Especially for RGB mouse pads, the best advice is not to put it in the washing machine, just the fact that water in the electrical module will damage the circuit channel will make most users give up it.

5. Do not use cleaners with higher isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol has good fat solubility, it will absorb ink grease on rubber and fabric surfaces, drying the surface and base of the mouse pad, affecting the use of the mouse pad.


How to get rid of the odor of mouse pad?

The method to remove the odor of the mouse pad is very simple. Take an appropriate amount of tea (about 10g ~ 25g), wrap it with a tissue paper with good air permeability, and put it in the mouse package together with the mouse pad (if the package has been discarded and damaged, you can use a badminton ball tube. or other similar containers), seal the package, and let it stand for about half a month to basically absorb the odor of the mouse pad.
Since the tea smell is a natural organic substance, using the tea smell to remove the peculiar smell of the mouse pad will not cause damage to the mouse pad itself.

Does alcohol ruin mouse pad?

Whether alcohol will damage the mouse pad depends mainly on the material of the mouse pad you are using. The rubber type can be cleaned with alcohol, but the silicone mouse pad cannot be cleaned with alcohol, because alcohol and silicone will react and accelerate the aging of the silicone.

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