how long does a gaming mouse last?

how long does a gaming mouse last

The mouse is an important tool for us to operate the computer. It replaces the cumbersome instructions of the keyboard by moving and clicking the mouse button, making the operation of the computer easier and faster. Depending on the electrical components and materials used by the mouse, the mouse also has a different service life.

how long does a gaming mouse last?

Usually, the shelf life of gaming mouse is 1-3 years. For example, the shelf life of Razer mouse is 2 years, and the shelf life of Logitech mouse is 1-3 years according to different models, and the shelf life of Cool Burn mouse is also 2 years. But in fact, the use of gaming mice does not strictly follow the shelf life. Some mice can still work normally after more than 5 years of use. This is related to mouse spare parts, usage frequency and usage habits.

If the mouse is not used frequently, and if you buy a well-known mouse, and use the mouse without hitting or pressing it too hard, these aspects will increase the life of the mouse.

Do gaming Mouse wear out?

Computer game mice will continue to wear out during use, and the most easily worn is the left and right buttons of the mouse, which are the two most commonly used buttons, especially in games with high frequency clicks. Usually the mouse is damaged because the mouse button cannot be clicked normally or does not respond after being clicked, because the micro switch under the mouse button has been damaged under long-term or strong clicks.

How many clicks does a mouse last?

How many times the mouse can continue to click depends on the microswitch used by the mouse. The ordinary microswitch supports more than 5 million clicks, the high-quality microswitch supports more than 20 million clicks, and some microswitches support 50 million clicks. more than one click. Under normal circumstances, the mouse parameters when purchasing a mouse will list the number of clicks supported by the mouse of this model. If it is not listed, you can contact the merchant to obtain the information.

How long does 50 million clicks last mouse?

If you click once per second, then you will click 86,400 times a day, and 50 million clicks will support you for 578 days, about a year and a half. But in reality, you don’t get 86,400 hits per day. Most players click the mouse less than 30,000 times a day, which is enough to use the mouse for 1,666 days, or a little over four and a half years. If your click frequency is lower, or the quality of the micro switch changes a little, 50 million clicks of the mouse is enough for you to use it for more than 5 years.

How long does it take to click a mouse 10 million times?

If you click once per second, it would take 11.6 days for 1 million clicks and 115.7 days for 10 million clicks. But most players click below 3 or 4 times/sec, which means it takes 3 or 4 times longer to reach the same number of hits.

Do wired mice last longer than wireless mice?

The lifespan of wired and wireless mice is almost the same, the only difference is the battery and cable. Wired mice use a USB cable to connect, and if the cable is damaged, the wired mouse can no longer be used. If the wireless mouse uses a replaceable battery, the life will not be affected. If the non-replaceable rechargeable battery is used, the life of the wireless mouse will be limited by the life of the battery. When the battery is fully charged and discharged, the mouse will Damaged due to inability to store power.

How do I know if my mouse is dying?

The following 2 signs often appear when the mouse is about to die

  1. Mouse clicks often don’t work
    Frequent mouse clicks that don’t respond means that something has gone wrong with the mouse’s microswitches, and before long it may be completely out of order and no longer respond to any of your clicks.
  2. Cursor freezes, lags
    Mouse cursor freezes, lags, and out-of-sync are signs that the second mouse is about to stop working, and if your mouse is in use from time to time, it could mean the mouse is about to break.

How often should you replace your gaming mouse?

How often to replace the mouse depends on the current state of the mouse you are using. Even if your mouse has been used for more than 2-3 years, it can still respond quickly and accurately to your commands, and there is nothing wrong with the look and feel, so there is absolutely no need to replace your mouse. If your mouse has a situation where clicks sometimes don’t respond or the cursor freezes and lags, then you should replace your mouse, which means it’s about to stop working.

How to make your mouse last longer?

To make the mouse last longer, you can start from the source and post-maintenance. The source is the selected mouse, and post-maintenance includes usage habits and regular cleaning.

1.Choose the right mouse

There are many aspects of suitability here, including the brand of the product, price, connection method, power supply, etc., which may affect the life of the mouse.

The life of the wireless mouse is not bound by the cable to prevent accidental cable breakage from affecting the life of the mouse.
②Famous brand
The quality of the mouse products of big brands will be more guaranteed, reducing the problem of the mouse during the warranty period.
Generally speaking, a more expensive mouse will use higher quality components, which will increase its performance while increasing its lifespan.
④Replaceable battery
Some wireless mice use rechargeable lithium batteries, and some use replaceable batteries. Lithium batteries will reach the upper limit of life with continuous charging and discharging. If your mouse accessories are good enough, the battery will limit the life of the mouse. Replaceable batteries are not limited by the number of charges and discharges.

2.Be gentle with your mouse

The usage habits will also affect the service life of the mouse. If you click hard or drop the mouse, it will reduce the service life of the mouse. Treating your mouse gently will make it last longer.

3.Clean your mouse regularly

It is also important to clean your mouse regularly. The dust and grease from the weekdays can affect the appearance and feel of the mouse. Even if the mouse functions perfectly, but it looks very dirty, you will not want to use it again.

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