Functions of different buttons on a computer mouse

Functions of different buttons on a computer mouse

You may notice that different models of mice usually have different numbers of buttons. A regular mouse has 3-4 buttons, while a gaming mouse usually has 6-7 buttons, and some mice even have more than 10 buttons. Understanding the functions of different mouse buttons can help you issue computer commands faster, improve work efficiency, or improve gaming experience.

How many buttons in mouse

Mouse button functions

1. left button

Left mouse button can be used to single-click to select, double-click, run, drag and highlight targets

Open a file or start a program
Double-clicking with the left button will select the target and execute the corresponding command—for a non-executable file or folder, it will be displayed as an entry file, and for an executable program, it will be displayed as a running program.

Highlight target
Clicking on the desktop or in the file will highlight the target where the pointer is located. If you want to select multiple targets at the same time, you can press the left mouse button in the blank space until all the targets are selected, and then release it.
In a text document or web page, double-clicking will highlight a word, and triple-clicking will select the entire paragraph.

If you want to drag or change the position of the object, first move the mouse to the target object and press the left button, then move the mouse to the desired position and release the left button.

2. right button

Right-click to display the target’s additional properties or shortcut menu

The right button usually only has to be clicked to call the context menu of the computer software user interface to display the operations that can be performed on the current object, including options specially customized for the interface and the element where the pointer is currently located.

3. Scroll wheel (middle mouse button)

The main function of the scroll wheel is to browse the page information up or down in the page, and zoom in with the ctrl key.

The scroll wheel is located halfway between the left and right mouse buttons. Its main function is to move the scroll wheel forward or backward when browsing web pages or texts in the browser. Modern mouse wheels usually support clicks. When the mouse wheel is pressed, the mouse pointer changes to a circle truncated up and down. At this time, moving the mouse back and forth on the mouse pad can achieve the same effect as turning the scroll wheel, so that the webpage or text can be displayed up and down. Pressing any mouse button will restore normal mouse cursor and functionality.

Zoom in or zoom out
While holding down the CTRL key, sliding the scroll wheel forward will zoom in on the page or picture, and sliding the scroll wheel backward will zoom out the page or picture.

4. DPI (CPI) key

The function of the DPI key is to switch the DPI value of the mouse and adjust the speed of the mouse movement.

Usually the mouse has 3-6 DPI gears, which cycle from low to high in turn. Every time the DPI button is pressed, it will jump to the next DPI gear. After reaching the highest gear, it will jump to the lowest gear and continue to cycle. switch.

5. side button

The default function of the side key is to move forward and backward on the webpage. In the folder, it is displayed as forward and backward to open the path. In some games and macro programming programs, other general game commands can be set for it.

For example, in the League of Legends game, you can bind the function of the side button to a quick upgrade skill, such as your R skill, then when the level rises to 6, you can instantly upgrade your ultimate skill and implement it Fight back, this will be faster than pressing CTRL + R keys, giving you more opportunities to control.

In other games, you can also set it as shortcut functions such as reloading, aiming, opening maps, item bars, drinking medicine, etc., which will bring convenience to your game.

If your mouse supports the macro programming function, you can also set the side button function of your mouse as a collection of a series of complex commands, which will bring convenience and efficiency to the operation.


what do the side buttons on a mouse do?

The default function of the side key is to move forward and backward on the webpage, and to move forward and backward on the file opening path in the folder.

which mouse function opens the shortcut menu?

A shortcut menu appears when you click the right button of a mouse (right-click).

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