Cool Burn Led Blue Pink Gaming Mouse With Side Buttons For PC & Laptop

Today, I will introduce the cool knight series products under the COOL BURN brand in this article, including the latest cool knight 3 that will be launched in June this year. There are white, red, blue, pink, gold and other colors, with 2 side buttons, specially developed for games, suitable for PC & Laptop.

Cool Knight:

NameCool Knight ⅠCool Knight Ⅱ
Number of keys77
DPI1000/2000/3200/4800/6400/12000(switchable)200-10000(6 Mode adjustable)
InterfaceUSB WiredWired & Wireless(USB Tpye-C & 2.4G Wireless)
Macro programming(Independent drive)Not supportSupport(Color/DPI/Function/Macro)
Light color7 color 13 kind of mode16.8 million color
Gaming ChipnormalPMW3325
Weight adjustment6*5G weightsNot support
Replaceable cover2 Pieces(Full and honeycomb) 2 Pieces(Full and honeycomb)
At sterilization and disinfection Support Support

The Cool Knight series mouse is our latest professional gaming mouse, and it is also our most proud mouse. Here are some descriptions about the product.

  • Appearance treatment:
    The mouse surface adopts the world’s unique patented technology, 3D + inkjet printing technology. More materials can be processed, more effects can be processed, and the processed results are better.
  • PMW3325 game chip:
    5000CPI, 100IPS, 20G acceleration, 1000Hz rate of return, which can meet the needs of most gamers.
  • Independent driver adjustment:
    With the independent driver developed by our company, it can realize the free adjustment of parameters such as lighting mode and color, key function, DPI value, polling rate and so on.
  • Wireless dual-mode connection:
    There are two connection modes: USB Type C and 2.4Ghz, which can be selected according to your needs.
  • Replaceable back cover:
    Cool knight series mice are equipped with 2 mouse back covers, one with honeycomb design and one with conventional design. The honeycomb back cover can reduce the weight of the mouse itself and also enhance the cooling function. But some players don’t like this design, so we also prepared a regular back cover.
  • AT automatic sterilization and disinfection technology:
    The mouse surface treatment adopts our exclusive AT technology, which can effectively eliminate 99.9% of Escherichia coli / Staphylococcus aureus / Klebsiella pneumonia / H1N1 virus.
    The natural disinfection and sterilization effect of plant ingredients, and the strong oxidative power of photocatalysis and the synergistic effect of silver ions, quickly destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, cause the bacterial mass to be lost to death, coagulate the protein of the virus, inhibit the activity of the virus, and kill the virus.

Part of the design show:

Next, I will introduce the third generation of our newly developed Cool knight series. The biggest feature of this mouse is its material change. It is expected to be released in June this year. Let’s take a look at the concept map first.

Cool Knight Ⅲ:

It can be clearly seen from the pictures that the third-generation Cool Knight uses a metal skeleton, which makes it look better and has a better touch.

The 3rd generation is equivalent to the second generation and the following upgrades have been made:

  • 62g Magnesium alloy frame
    Magnesium alloy metal frame and weighs only 62g. The lighter weight can bring a better gaming experience, and the magnesium alloy material brings the ultimate touch.
  • 3395 gaming chip
    PMW3395 professional gaming chip, with DPI up to 19000, is perfectly capable of all your possible usage scenarios. With 400IPS and 50G acceleration, your mouse can run perfectly even in high-speed movement. The highest rate of return is 1000HZ, which greatly reduces the situation of mouse frame dropping

Other parameters:

  1. Independent drive adjustment
    With the driver independently developed by our company, the choice of lighting mode and color can be realized, supporting 16.8 million colors; the function of each button can be freely defined; the DPI value can be freely adjusted from 50 to 19000; the polling rate, refresh rate, and parameters can be freely adjusted
    Download driver
  2. Wireless Dual Mode Connection
    There are two connection methods: USB Type C and 2.4Ghz, which can be selected according to your needs.
  3. Replaceable back cover
    Same as the first and second generation, Cool Knight series mouse is equipped with 2 mouse back covers, 1 honeycomb design and 1 regular design. The honeycomb-shaped back cover can reduce the weight of the mouse itself, while also enhancing the cooling function. But some players don’t like this design, so we also prepared a normal back cover.
  4. AT automatic sterilization and disinfection technology
    The Cool Knight III mouse surface treatment adopts our self-developed AT technology, and the elimination rate of 4 viruses such as Escherichia coli / Staphylococcus aureus / Klebsiella pneumonia / H1N1 virus on the surface of the object is 99.9%.
    Its working principle is that the natural disinfection and sterilization effect of plant components cooperates with the strong oxidizing power of photocatalysis and the synergistic effect of silver ions, which rapidly destroys the cell membrane of bacteria, causes a large number of bacteria to lose and die, coagulates the protein of the virus, inhibits the activity of the virus, and kills the virus.
  5. Bottom 3-speed switch
    There is a button at the bottom of the mouse with 3 gears, corresponding to light mode, off, no light mode, which can effectively save power
  6. Rechargeable battery
    The mouse has a built-in 600mah lithium battery, if you use it for 8 hours a day, it can be used for about 20 days when you turn off the power after each use.
  7. Widely compatible
    Compatible with Win 7 /Win8/Win10/Windows VISTA Windows XP and other systems

There is another good news here. If you are a B-end customer and the purchase amount is more than 1,000 per time, then you can customize the color, pattern, logo of the mouse, etc., with our unique 3D+ inkjet printing technology, It can perfectly present the effect you want.

So the content of this article basically ends here. If you want to get more information about us, you can contact us through our Homepage, About Us or direct email.

Explanation of basic mouse parameters:


We should be familiar with the word DPI. When we buy a mouse and feel that the mouse is moving too slowly, we will increase the DPI. If we feel that the mouse is too fast, we will lower the DPI. Although we don’t really understand what he really means, we still understand the role of DPI.

DPI (Dots Per Inch) is a unit of measurement, which refers to the pixels scanned per inch of mouse movement. Under the same moving distance, the higher the DPI, the more pixels are scanned, and the corresponding moving pixels on the screen are also Correspondingly more, so we will have the effect of adjusting the mouse DPI to change the speed of the mouse movement. For screens with different resolutions and sizes, the pixels on the screen change, we also need to adjust the DPI of the mouse to adapt to the screen. Therefore, in order to adapt to more different devices and user habits, cool knight III high-end games The DPI of the mouse can be up to 19000.


Mouse resolution (CPI (Count per inch)) refers to the positioning accuracy of the mouse, which refers to the maximum number of information that can be accurately positioned per inch of mouse movement. Simply put, the higher the cpi, the faster the mouse pointer moves on the screen.
When we move the mouse one inch to the left, a 400cpi mouse will send a “move left” signal to the computer 400 times, and an 800cpi mouse will send 800 times. Suppose, we move the mouse 1/800 of an inch, then the 800cpi mouse will send a movement signal to the computer, but the 400cpi mouse will not respond, we have to move another 1/800 inch before it sends a movement signal.

The relationship between CPI and DPI

The relationship between the two is similar, because dpi is also a parameter that refers to the sensitivity of the mouse, but they also have some differences. cpi is short for count per inch, which means the sampling rate per inch. Dpi is short for dots per inch, which means the number of pixels per inch. Both dpi and cpi can be used to represent the resolution of the mouse, but dpi reflects a static indicator, and it is more appropriate to use cpi to represent the resolution of the mouse.


The word IPS is relatively unfamiliar. IPS is a speed unit, which refers to the speed unit of mouse movement per second. Take the cool knight 3 high-end gaming mouse as an example, IPS is 400, which means that the movement speed is 400 inches per second. (400 inches is equal to 1016 cm), the cool knight mouse can still work stably and normally. While in real life we ​​wouldn’t let the mouse move 400 inches in a second, it does speak to the performance of the mouse.


We should be able to understand the acceleration a lot easier. The acceleration of free fall is 1 G, and the acceleration of cool knight III high-end gaming mouse is 50 G. This speed is equivalent to 50 times that of free fall. The process of moving from a constant speed to a sudden acceleration of the movement speed is designed so that the mouse can still work normally, so as to maintain the stability of the competitive performance.

Response rate

The mouse rate of return is the transmission frequency between the mouse’s MCU and the computer. The common rate of return is 125Hz, that is, the MCU sends data to the computer every 8ms, 500Hz is sent every 2ms, and 1000Hz is sent every 1ms, also known as 1ms response. . The high-end gaming mouse has a setting gear of 125/250/500/1000Hz (Hertz) on the rate of return. The higher the rate of return, the higher the CPU usage. At present, in the case of more extreme operations such as game scenes. The mouse has a higher rate of return, which can make our operations more accurate, especially for FPS games.


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