Best wireless gaming keyboard and mouse 2022 Cool Burn

Best wireless gaming keyboard and mouse 2022 Cool Burn

Choosing a good gaming mouse and gaming keyboard is not an easy task. There are a lot of gaming mice on the market, some are very expensive and some are relatively cheap. Even with the same mouse chip, there will be differences in user experience due to factors such as debugging, mouse material, shape, and size. But don’t worry, COOL BURN has been specializing in the manufacture of gaming mice and keyboards for 13 years, and has gone through thousands of attempts on the shape design, shell materials, performance debugging, and feature-rich aspects of gaming mice and keyboards. Only make the best quality gaming equipment to meet the needs of gamers.

Next, I will recommend Cool Burn’s best gaming mice and gaming keyboards from 2021 to 2022, most of them are priced under $50 and $100, and have a good experience with rich features.



Sensor: PAW3399        DPI: 20000
IPS: 650                         Buttons: 7
Weight: 65g                   Macro: Support
Polling rate: 1000Hz
Acceleration: 50G

Interface: bluetooth & 2.4G & wired
Material: Magnesium alloy

Cool Knight 3 is our best mouse for gaming. At the same time, it’s also our lightest gaming mouse at 65 grams, and it’s built entirely out of magnesium alloy. Compared with most plastic mice on the market, the magnesium alloy housing has higher impact resistance, corrosion resistance, heat dissipation and better tactile feel.

In terms of sensors, we used one of the top sensors at present – Pixart PAW3399 sensor. This sensor supports up to 20,000 DPI, 50G acceleration and 650 IPS. No matter what kind of game, its excellent performance can perfectly help you to operate the game.

In terms of connection methods, we make it adaptable to all connection methods, whether it is Bluetooth, 2.4G receiver or USB wired connection, it can meet the lowest latency range of current connection technology. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about what form of connection to choose, it can meet all the connections you need.

Cool Knight 3 has a built-in 500Mah rechargeable battery. Under normal circumstances, it can be used for about 100 hours in no-light mode on a single charge, and it can last for about a week. If you need to turn on RGB lighting, you can usually only meet the usage time of about 30 hours, which can last for about 3 days.

Cool Knight 3 has a total of 7 buttons, and there are 2 side buttons on the left side, which will be very helpful whether it is used as a shortcut key for specific functions of the game, or as a forward and backward function for daily web browsing. In addition, this mouse supports macro programming function, and you can change its various parameter settings in its independent driver. Whether it is DPI, polling rate, light color, key function, macro recording, etc., it can be adjusted independently.


Backlight: RGB LED              Macro: No
Anti-ghosting: All Keys        Keycaps: ABS
Polling rate: 1000Hz            Wrist rest: No
Switch: Red/Blue/Brown (Outemu)
Hot swap: support
Size: Ansi 60%
Connect: Bluetooth & Wired

Cool Knight 2 is also a product we highly recommend. It has various designs and good physical properties, it’s the best rated gaming mouse we’ve ever released.

In terms of connection mode, Cool Knight 2 supports two connection modes, 2.4G wireless and USB wired, as the two most stable connection modes of the mouse, which will give full play to its physical performance.

This gaming mouse is equipped with a PAW 3325 sensor, supports up to 10000DPI, 20G acceleration, 100IPS and 1000Hz polling rate. A higher polling rate will bring lower latency. In the case of 1000Hz, the latency is only 1ms, which is very suitable for FPS games that require high mouse feedback accuracy.

The mouse is made of ABS plastic as a whole and weighs 89g. It is equipped with RGB lights and a 500Mah rechargeable battery inside. The RGB light comes with 13 light effect modes, including streamer, horse racing, gradient, and breathing light. If you don’t like these designs, you can customize these lights through the driver, choosing your favorite color from 16.8 million colors. Its built-in battery can be used normally for 100 hours in energy saving mode, usually for 1 week. If you turn on its RGB lights, it will probably be enough for you to use it for 3 days.

As a gaming mouse, the side buttons and macro programming functions are also concentrated on it. Cool Knight 2 also has 7 buttons and 2 side buttons. The side buttons will bring great convenience to your game or daily use. If you often use a mouse with side buttons, then you will find it hard to endure a mouse without side buttons. In addition, the independent driver function of Cool Knight 2 is also very powerful, it allows you to modify the polling rate, refresh rate, DPI, LOD, acceleration, scroll wheel speed, double-click speed, light color, light brightness, light change speed, key function, macro Recording and other parameters.

As Cool Burn employees, most of us use this mouse, it performs well for work and gaming, and it feels very comfortable to hold. The Cool Knight 2 is priced at $29.9 and is a solid choice among mid-range gaming mice.

3. Cool Bee 2 Adjustable Tail Water Cooling Concept Light Gamer Mouse For PC Computer


Sensor: PMW3370         DPI: 19000
IPS: 400                            Buttons: 6
Weight: 137g                   Macro: Support
Polling rate: 1000Hz
Acceleration: 50G

Interface: 2.4G & wired
Material: ABS + Aluminum alloy

Cool Bee 2 is a very distinctive mouse. In the first generation, it looked very much like a bee, and there was a knob at the tail to adjust the length of the mouse, so we named it as Cool Bee.

Cool Bee 2 is made of ABS plastic and aluminum alloy as a whole, and has a large shape, so its weight has reached 137g, which is suitable for users who have large hands and like to grow a little mouse. It uses a whole piece of aluminum alloy at the bottom, and aluminum alloy modules are also used inside the fuselage, so it has better heat dissipation and a stronger body.

In terms of connection method, Cool Bee 2 supports 2.4G wireless and USB wired connection methods, and is compatible with many mainstream systems such as Win 7/Win 8/Win 10/Windows VISTA/Windows XP, so you don’t have to worry about its system compatibility question.

Cool Bee 2 mouse uses PMW 3370 sensor, which is also a very good sensor among many mouse sensors. It supports 19000DPI, 50G acceleration, 400IPS and 1000Hz refresh rate.

On the RGB lighting, we installed 2 RGB light sources for it. The upper left corner of the mouse is a row of RGB lights, which will change the lighting mode according to the adjustment of the light mode. From the left and right sides of the mouse to the tail, there is a water-cooled concept bubble tube, and at the end of it is an RGB light. When the RGB light is charged, the entire transparent tube will map the RGB light to create a different lighting atmosphere. Both sets of RGB lights can be adjusted autonomously through its driver.

This mouse is equipped with an independent driver, and various parameters and functions can be adjusted by changing the driver.


Backlight: RGB LED            Macro: Support
Anti-ghosting: All Keys      Keycaps: ABS
Polling rate: 1000Hz          Wrist rest: Yes
Switch: Black/Red/Blue/Brown (Outemu)
Hot swap: support
Size: Ansi 60/80/100%
Connect: Bluetooth & 2.4G & Wired

CB-TMK61 is a wireless 3-mode macro programming mechanical keyboard.

In terms of keyboard layout, CB-TMK61 adopts ANSI physical layout and has 3 sizes of 60%, 80% and 100%. The 60% size has 61 keys, omitting the function key area and numeric key area on the right side, so it will be more compact and take up less space. 80% of the size is Tenkeyless layout, with 87 keys, the number key area on the right is discarded, but the function is complete, and there is no lack of any function. 100% of the size is a full-size layout, with 108 buttons, and there are 4 multimedia buttons in the upper right corner of it, which can quickly adjust the volume and other functions.

CB-TMK61 adopts Outemu’s mechanical switch, there are four types of black/red/blue/tea switches that can be hot-swappable. If you want to replace its switch in the future, it will be very easy. Different from ordinary membrane keyboards, mechanical switches have a longer service life, and each key can withstand more than 50 million taps. In addition, the CB-TMK61 adopts a full-key anti-ghosting design, and its keyboard of any size supports full-key no-rush, avoiding the embarrassment of key conflict in the game.

In terms of lighting, this gaming keyboard uses RGB backlight and supports 20 lighting modes, 4 backlight brightness levels, and adjustable breathing speed. You can customize the lighting if you want. CB-TMK61 supports macro programming function to adjust the parameters and functions of the keyboard. Therefore, it allows users to freely define the color and mode of the light, and can store up to 5 custom lighting.

The CB-TMK61 supports three connection methods: Bluetooth, 2.4G and USB wired connection. One choice can satisfy all connection methods, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a wired or wireless keyboard.

In order to reduce the wrist fatigue caused by players’ time use, we have equipped it with a detachable plastic hand rest, which will relieve your hand fatigue to a certain extent. Of course, if you don’t need it, it can be removed without any detrimental effect on the use of the keyboard.


Backlight: RGB LED            Macro: No
Anti-ghosting: All Keys      Keycaps: ABS
Polling rate: 1000Hz          Wrist rest: No
Switch: Red/Blue/Brown (Outemu)
Hot swap: support
Size: Ansi 60%
Connect: Bluetooth & Wired

CB-K28 is a wireless dual-mode gaming keyboard with a 60% streamlined layout overall.

Because the CB-K28 adopts a 60% compact layout, it will occupy less space, have a lighter weight, and be more convenient to carry out. Paired with its wireless Bluetooth connection, it will keep your desk neater and avoid the clutter of tangled cables.

CB-K28 supports Bluetooth and USB wired connection. In Bluetooth mode, it can store 3 connected devices, and press the corresponding key combination to switch connected devices. The keyboard has a built-in 2000Mah lithium battery, and with the keyboard’s intelligent power saving mode, it will last longer with each charge.

The keyboard shaft body adopts Outemu blue/red/brown mechanical switches, each switch can withstand more than 50 million strokes. The blue switch is the paragraph axis (click switch), and pressing it will produce a crisp sound and an obvious sense of depravity; the brown switch is a weak paragraph axis (tactile switch), and pressing will produce a slight sound and a slight sense of paragraph; the red axis is linear The switch, when pressed, goes straight up and down and does not produce obvious sound, which is similar to the pressing feeling of a membrane keyboard. At the same time, all of its switches are hot-swappable, which makes replacing its shaft very simple.

CB-K28 adopts all key anti-ghosting, even if all keys on the keyboard are pressed, the computer can accurately identify each pressed key. This can be very helpful in some games that require pressing multiple keys. In the key layout, we have adopted an ergonomic stepped key layout, appropriately lowering and raising the height and inclination of some keys, which will make typing easier.

This keyboard uses RGB lighting and has a total of 10 lighting modes. Press the shortcut key to switch the lighting mode, adjust the speed of light transformation and the brightness of the light.

CB-K28 supports multi-system compatibility and can work normally on Windows, MAC, Android and IOS systems.


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