5 Best Budget Cheap Mechanical Keyboard 2022 Cool Burn

5 Best Budget Cheap Mechanical Keyboard 2022 Cool Burn

Laptop keyboard keys usually use scissor foot structure, membrane keyboard keys use rubber dome structure, and mechanical keyboard keys use separate mechanical switch structure. Thanks to the unique structure and rich variety of mechanical keyboard switches, mechanical keyboards can provide users with a more comfortable and rich typing experience.

But also because of the unique structure and manufacturing process of the mechanical keyboard, its price is often very expensive. An average mechanical keyboard on the market usually costs upwards of $40, while some better mechanical keyboards can cost hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, as the manufacturing technology of mechanical keyboards becomes more and more mature, more mechanical keyboard factories and mechanical switch manufacturers have begun to enter, therefore, some relatively cheap mechanical keyboards have also appeared on the market. The cheap mechanical keyboard is equivalent to the expensive mechanical keyboard missing some functions, such as the connection method of the keyboard, the macro programming function, whether it is hot-swappable, etc. But it still has the most important features of a mechanical keyboard – mechanical switches and a long lifespan. After all, not everyone is willing to go bankrupt to buy a mechanical keyboard.

If you are not familiar with mechanical keyboards, you can read our article to help you understand mechanical keyboards and make better choices.

What Is A Mechanical Keyboard?

In general, mechanical switches are classified into 3 categories, linear switches, tactile switches and click switches.

  • The characteristics of the linear switch are straight up and down, the pressing touch is very smooth, and it is silent and silent when pressed, which is very suitable for gamers, and the representative switch is a black switch.
  • The tactile switch is also known as the weak paragraph switch and has a small bump on the upper part of its small foot. When the shaft body is pressed, when the small raised part contacts the metal shrapnel, it will form less resistance and a weaker sense of passage, and produce a slight percussion sound. The representative switch is a brown switch
  • Click switches, also known as paragraph switches, are characterized by a strong paragraph feel and a crisp click when struck, similar to an old-fashioned typewriter. The representative switch is a blue switch.

Cool Burn is a gaming peripheral brand of AIWA (Chongqing) International Trading Co., Ltd. in China, accepting customized services and bulk order products.

In this article, I’m going to recommend 5 cool mechanical keyboards from the Cool Rurn brand that start at $15 and go as high as $39, all under $40. And some keyboards pay for macro programming, hot-swappable, bluetooth, 2.4G and wired 3 connection methods.

cool burn 5 best budget cheap good mechanical gaming keyboard

1Black And White 87 Keys TKL Gaming Keyboard Cool Burn80% layout(87 keys)
USB Wired
Rainbow Light
26 Keys Anti-ghosting
Blue/Red Switches
Black & White
15.9$contact us
2Custom Wired Rainbow 87 Keys 80 Percent TKL Mechanical Keyboard80% layout(87 keys)
USB Wired
Rainbow Light
26 Keys Anti-ghosting
Blue Switches
Black /White/Blue/Pink
16.25$contact us
3Retro Typewriter Punk Full Size Mechanical Keyboard Game For Computer PCFull size(108 keys)
USB Wired
Rainbow Light
26 Keys Anti-ghosting
Blue Switches
Round Punk Keycaps
Metal Brushed Panel
21.79$contact us
4Wireless Rgb 60 Percent Mini Pink/Blue Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Deals60% layout(61 keys)
Bluetooth & USB Wired
RGB Light
All key Anti-ghosting
Tea/Red/Blue Switches
Hot Swappable
28.8$contact us
5Wireless & Wired RGB Macro Gamer Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with Palm Rest 60/80/100% Layout(61/87/108 keys)
Bluetooth & 2.4G & Wired
Full key Anti-ghosting
Blue/Red/Black/Brown Switches
Hot SwappableMacro Programming
Hand Rest
38.5$contact us

1.Black And White 87 Keys TKL Gaming Keyboard Cool Burn

affordable mechanical keyboards

This mechanical keyboard is Cool Burn’s cheapest mechanical keyboard at just $15.90. It offers blue and red switches, with the blue switch giving you a pleasant click and clear paragraph feel, while the red switch giving you a smooth pressing feel and a quiet, focused typing environment.

The keyboard adopts the classic black and white color scheme, and the layout is simplified by 80%, which will be more attractive for users who like black and white color scheme and compact structure. The keyboard is backlit with rainbow, and the two-color injection molded keycaps are transparent. The LED light from the bottom of each key penetrates enough to penetrate the keycap, allowing you to clearly identify the characters on it, and giving you a colorful light.

Sadly, this keyboard has a welded shaft model, so if you want to replace the keyboard switches, it’s going to be a hassle. Plus, it only supports USB wired connections, which will be a shortcoming for those looking to buy wireless.

2. Custom Wired Rainbow 87 Keys 80 Percent TKL Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard is one of Cool Brun’s best affordable TKL mechanical keyboards, priced at $16.25.

It is very similar in parameters to the previous keyboard, with an 80% tenkeyless layout. In the color of the keyboard, it provides four options of black, white, blue and pink, and each single color has achieved a very good visual effect.

The keyboard features two-tone injection-molded keycaps and rainbow lighting, allowing users to clearly identify characters in dark environments and enjoy the good ambience the lighting brings. The keyboard switches are blue switches, and the blue switches can provide a crisp tapping sound and enjoy the fun of fingertip sound.

The disadvantage of this keyboard is that it only has a single USB wired connection and only supports 26 pieces without conflict. Another point to note is that while the loud sound of the blue switch can bring joy to users who like it, it can also irritate others.

3. Retro Typewriter Punk Full Size Mechanical Keyboard Game For Computer PC

This keyboard is Cool Brun’s mid-priced full-size mechanical keyboard, priced at $21.79.

The biggest feature of this keyboard is its brushed metal panel and retro punk round keycaps. The brushed metal panel makes it look more textured and has advantages in terms of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Retro punk keycaps can give you a typewriter-like feel with a special flavor.

The keyboard adopts a 100% full-size layout, and adds 3 multimedia keys and a volume adjustment knob on the upper right side, which can be more convenient to adjust the computer volume at any time. The keycaps are made of two-color injection molded keycaps, which will never fade. Good light transmittance for ice games. The keyboard backlight adopts rainbow backlight, and the color of each row of lights will remain the same when the light changes, and the type adopts such colorful and layered lights.

The keyboard is available in black and white colors, and the keycaps also provide round punk keycaps and ordinary square keycaps to meet the needs of more users.

The downside is that this keyboard only provides a USB wired connection, and the switches are welded switches, which basically eliminates the possibility of replacing switches.

4. Wireless Rgb 60 Percent Mini Pink/Blue Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Deals

This is an inexpensive but great mechanical keyboard for $28.80.

This keyboard adopts the very popular 60% streamlined, compact layout, eliminating the duplicate number key area on the right side and the rarely used function key area. The smaller size will reserve more space for your desktop to put down other things, in addition, the smaller size also makes it lighter, which will be more convenient to carry out. It would be a good choice to use it as an external keyboard for your laptop.

The keyboard has two connection methods, Bluetooth and USB, which will have more advantages if there are not many USB ports or if you want to avoid too much confusion on the desktop. The keyboard has a built-in 2000Ma battery, and one charge is enough for about half a month of continuous use.

Keyboard switches are available in 3 shafts: tea switch, blue switch, and red switch, including all click types of mechanical switches, silent linear switches, tactile switches with a slight tapping sound and click switches with a loud sound.

The keyboard adopts hot-swappable PCB board, so all the switches of the keyboard are hot-swappable switches, and it will be very easy to replace the switches. In addition, the keyboard supports full-key anti-ghosting, which will play an important role in some games.

5. Wireless & Wired RGB Macro Gamer Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with Palm Rest

This keyboard is Cool Burn’s best value mechanical keyboard, and it’s great for gaming, and it’s priced at $38.50.

This keyboard has all the features a mechanical keyboard should have, macro programming, wireless wired connectivity, hot swapping, and more.

There are 3 sizes of keyboards, 60%, 80% and 100% layouts are the 3 most commonly used layouts on the market today, which can almost meet the needs of all users. The 100% layout keyboard will come with a detachable hand rest, which can reduce the hand fatigue caused by long-term typing to a certain extent.

The keyboard supports wireless bluetooth, 2.4Ghz USB receiver and wired USB connection, including all the connection methods of keyboards currently on the market. When Bluetooth is connected, 3 devices can be stored at the same time, and a specific key combination can be pressed to switch between the 3 devices at will, enabling one keyboard to control multiple devices.

The keyboard shaft body has four types of switches: black switch, blue switch, red switch and black switch, and uses a hot-swappable PCB board, and all switches support hot-swapping. Configure an RGB light bead on each switch, provide 20 light modes and support custom backlighting.

The keycaps are made of two-color injection molded light-transmitting keycaps, which is convenient for each key to reveal different colors of light emitted by the bottom light beads. The keyboard supports full-key anti-ghosting, even with the full-sized 108 keys.

This wireless gaming keyboard supports macro programming function, and functions such as button function, light color, light mode, macro recording, etc. can be freely adjusted through the supporting independent driver.

The keyboard is available in four colors: black, white, blue and pink, and supports mass customization services. Including customization of color, pattern, logo, language and other aspects.

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